Is Fried Chicken a Welcome Addition to 8 Cuts' Menu?


We have to wonder what 8 Cuts was thinking. The popular burger chain has decided to welcome fried chicken into its menu. 

8 Cuts has come a long way since its origins as a kitschy modern Pop Tate-type burger joint in 2012 (in hindsight, it would have been a perfect fit for 2017 Riverdale). The first 8 Cuts Burger Blends actually opened in 2013, a sort of Burger Bar 2.0, at the then newly opened UP Town Center. It boasted eight specific cuts of beef and their various juicy permutations. Everything was ground in house, grilled fresh, and absolutely delicious.

Heavyweight Fried Chicken, which comes in two- and three-piece options. No bucket though.

Photo by 8 CUTS.

Bigger Than Your Face. It's a porkchop.

Photo by 8 CUTS.

8 Cut also introduced Daily Steals, which is its version of set-meal- value-meal-types. This one's called The Thigh Breaker.

Photo by 8 CUTS.

Years later, after learning what worked and didn't, it streamlined the menu to two types of patties House Blend (brisket, short rib, rib eye) and Grass-fed (sirloin, round tip flank, and short plate). Eventually, it also phased out the latter. But 8 Cuts continues to spread its wings, more recently introducing a "Burger Bomb," a cheese-stuffed quarter-pound patty with rice (a fast food favorite on steroids) and now, fried chicken. And more.

8 Cuts opened at the peak of the restaurant boom, and while many of its contemporaries have shut down, it's still a venerable burger place. Its expansion is inevitable. The Moment Group is anything if not adaptable. The restaurant is seven years old and while its playlist reminds you of high school in the 2000s (Hey, remember when it used to let customers run the music? That's not a thing anymore), it has definitely matured, feeling the demands of its diners and the current context. 

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The Gut Buster, for the extra hungry

Photo by 8 CUTS.

Take the Megamall location, for example. There are at least two other burger places within walking distance. A few paces away is another place that peddles fried chicken. But 8 Cuts wants to give you bothplus nachos. 

The nachos, a substantial mound of tortilla chips, ground meat, and the usual fixings, used to be limited to the branch in Greenbelt (where the original Burger Bar used to be). But it has now been folded into the entire enterprise. There's porkchop, too, with rice, as well as packaged meals for every type of extreme hunger. There are boneless thigh fillets, a much more interesting iteration of the usual chicken breast tenders. The bosses over at TMG headquarters have also decided that it was okay to cross-reference its other restaurants. In the amplified menu is an ube shakea version of Manam's, which is next doorand Mo' Cookies. 


8 Cuts' version of an Ube Shake

Photo by 8 CUTS.

A banana split but with cookies instead of bananas

Photo by 8 CUTS.

TMG has become more flexible through the years, but its strength has always been how each brand is so clearly defined that even when they attempt to color outside the lines, the result always appears perfectly neat and seamless. We can imagine TMG honcho Abba Napa in her usual Aura Athletica daywear drilling every new idea to fit her restaurants' carefully crafted identities. "How does it fit the brand?" No, whatever addition or revision TMG adds is always another line in a resume. 

At this point, 8 Cuts would always be associated with burgers, but there's never really any harm with trying something new. The fried chicken is an easy favorite, with a batter that's thick enough to matter but thin enough to still assure you that you're eating chicken, and skin that flakes off on your plate and makes you think there's really more of your meal to go around. It's all very good, as usual. And they even put it in a burger.

8 Cuts branches

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