Bad Bird is back and badder than ever

While the original branch in Hole in the Wall focuses mainly on their chicken, Bad Bird's latest venture introduces new exclusive items to the menu.
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The masterminds behind Bad Bird are back and badder than ever. Born from the desire to elevate casual food and to stand out amidst the oversaturated industry, Bad Bird has become more than just fried chicken so good it keeps you up at night. It’s become an experience. And, by expanding the famous brand tucked away in Hole in the Wall, they’re taking this experience even further.

Their newest restaurant in the Mega Fashion Hall is their first venture beyond the food court, and to describe it as different is an understatement. The design utilizes brutalist architecture, which lends itself to providing contrast with the vibrant colors of their menu. Artwork featuring the elusive Bad Bird—the mascot of their brand—decorates the walls to create a sort of lore common among their restaurants (they plan to create a trend of “Bad Bird sightings,” where people try to spot Bad Bird around the city).


In line with their aim to challenge tradition—to be better today than they were yesterday—they’re making each expansion of the Bad Bird brand unique. They want to make each branch and the entire Bad Bird brand something to remember. While the original branch focuses mainly on their chicken, this latest venture gives Batman a Robin. To accompany their signature chicken plates, they’ve introduced grilled meats to their menu, and this will be exclusive to their Megamall branch. What they hope to do is to create a need for people to visit all their branches—the last thing they want is for people to go, “Oh, I can just eat that in Hole in the Wall.” They vow to make each Bad Bird sighted.

Utilizing Korean and Japanese flavors to create the umami flavor they’ve become famous for, the grilled meats taste just like Bad Bird should—ridiculously good. Their Lamb Skewers, which will undoubtedly become a customer favorite, explode with flavor with each bite. The Pork Belly, so soft it melts, is great as it is—fresh from the grill—and even better paired with their sauces (their chimichurri is a great complement to the char). The Peppered Beef, which also comes in skewers like the lamb, is addictive, the pungent, characteristic umami taste singing in your mouth as you chew.

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Lamb Skewers

Pork Belly

Peppered Beef


Spicy Squid

Along with the sidekick to their hero dish, they’ve introduced more complements to this delectable gastronomic journey. Available on the menu are several types of banchan, based off the Korean habit of serving small side dishes to accompany their food. The selections of banchan, which, of course, are still in line with their Bad concept, add an extra layer to the culinary experience. The type of banchan can change the meal entirely, and it’s amazing. Cocktails have also been infused to the menu. There are four flavors, each presenting a new perspective on how to pair your drinks with your food (with witty names, too, like Kim Jong Mary for their kimchi bloody mary). The drinks are refreshing and on the sweeter side: Spiked Thai Milk Tea, Melon Popsicle, and Gin Apple Soju Fiz. The cocktails, like the banchan, deepen the flavors of the food, harmonizing with the intense spices that characterize their dishes.

These industry bad boys have veered so left challenging traditions and the mainstream that they ended up doing something right—and we get great food because of it.

Bad Bird's new branch is at 3/F SM Mega Fashion Hall, Mandaluyong City. Menu items are subject to change. 

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