The Best Sausages in Manila: Where to Find Bangers, Wursts, and More

These meaty treats are certified to stuff and satisfy. 
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Nothing is possibly meatier and more packed with flavor than a well-made sausage. The cylindrical meat product, which comes in various flavors depending on its provenance and ingredients, is made using animal by-products that would otherwise end up in the bin. Even pork blood is found in some of the most beloved sausages, such as the boudin noir of France and the morcilla of Spain.

On our side of the world, the longganisa is a breakfast favorite, a beloved sausage best served with garlic rice and fried egg and dipped in spiced vinegar. With unique regional characteristics sparking rabid fandom from Filipinos who grew up eating different variations, the best longganisa is a list to make another day.

For now, we gather our favorite purveyors of the tastiest European-style sausages. These delis and restaurants are the go-to places for the meatiest and most flavorful links. 

1| Säntis Delicatessen 

For more than two decades, the Swiss-owned establishment has been the country’s most reliable name when it comes to sausages. Säntis introduced Filipinos to a whole new world of encased meats, a life beyond red hotdogs, longganisa, and canned chorizo Bilbao. Thanks to Säntis, schubligand bratwurst have become just as accessible as those ubiquitous cans of Vienna sausage. Apart from being purveyors of Manila's best sausages, it has proven to be a default for cheese and charcuterie, and even bacon!


Esquire Recommends:

  • Veal bratwurst
  • Cheesy Hungarian
  • Kielbasa

2| Poco Deli

Here's a rumor: Six years ago, when the famous German-owned deli (Mickey’s) along Jupiter Street in Makati closed, its butcher joined Poco Deli’s team. He was supposedly highly instrumental in concocting the sausages that made this Kapitolyo icon a default when searching for the best sausages in Manila. All the sausages from Poco Deli are made from scratch and devoid of extenders and other cheat ingredients. Another story: The butcher took with him secret recipes for bratwurst, Nuremberger, potato salad, and sauerkraut much to the delight of fans of Bavarian classics.

Esquire Recommends:

  • Nuremberger
  • Hungarian Sausage
  • Wagyu Sausage 

Poco Deli branches 

3| Currywurst Meister

Artist Andy Maluche may be known in most circles as a visual raconteur, but recently his freshly baked German breads and preservative-free European-style sausages are what have been disrupting the food scene. He used to have a stall in Poblacion, but these days he takes orders through his website and has them delivered to your door. Once in a while, he does a pop-up, like a literal sausage and beer fest, where people can have their fill of his amazing sausage set: Maluche’s brats, schweinebraten, as well as smoked bacon and ham.

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Esquire Recommends:

  • Smoked Bockwurst
  • Wiesswurst
  • Smoked Lamb Sausage; Instagram @currywurstmeister

4| Brotzeit 

The Biergarten concept from Singapore has made its mark in the local dining scene with its family-style servings, relaxed vibe, satisfying beer, and of course, delicious sausages. Made according to German standards, its selection of wursts—some of the best sausages in Manila, in factare also now served sandwiched in sturdy pretzel buns. 

Esquire Recommends:

  • Hühnerwurst
  • Käsekrainer
  • Currywurst

Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong, (+632) 631-1489; Shangri-La at the Fort, Taguig, (+632)

5| Terry’s Bistro 

Señor JC de Terry is a stickler for perfection, therefore you can count on his products to be the best Europe has to offer. When cooking heirloom recipes of fabada and callos, Manila’s old Spanish families rely on de Terry to bring in the good stuff from the motherland. Enjoy its imported and homemade sausages when you sit down for a meal (order the flambéd chorizo) or choose from a dizzying array of sausages at the deli counter to bring home. It's also one of our favorite sources for tapas.

Esquire Recommends:

  • Fuet
  • Navarro Chistorra
  • Chorizo Terry on Piggy Back

6| The Butchery

One of the original champions of sustainable agriculture, The Butchery continues to provide carnivores with sausages made from organic and naturally sourced ingredients. Perhaps the most unique in this selection of best sausages in Manila, it is well-known for its quirky and original flavors that are always clean-tasting and guilt-free. The Butchery shies away from extenders and its links are the perfect gluten-free option for those doing Keto. Try its sampler to taste all seven original flavors.


Esquire Recommends:

  • Buffalo and Celery
  • Caramelized Onion and Mozzarella
  • Chicken Kashmiri

7| Tierra 

Before Bar Pintxos owners Miguel Vecin and Tinchu Gonzales embarked on their restaurant journey, they were the entrepreneurs behind Tierra de España. Now rebranded as simply Tierra, its in-house blend of Spanish sausages are made locally using fine imported seasonings and ingredients. Some of the most proficient home cooks and respected local chefs swear by its products. 

Available in Bar Pintxos and select premium supermarkets

8| Chesa Bianca 

When jonesing for an authentic Central European sausage experience, go no further than this Swiss restaurant owned by the same people behind Säntis Delicatessen. Its wursts, which come from the famed deli, are served with homey breads and perfectly crisp rösti. This is as OG as you can get.

Esquire Recommends:

  • Sausage and cheese salad
  • Clochard Rösti
  • Veal Sausage with Onion Sauce

Yakal Street, San Antonio Village, Makati; (+632) 815-1359;


9| Alba Restaurante Español 

With half a century of serving some of Manila’s beloved Spanish dishes under its belt, this family-owned institution is a reliable standby when it comes to Spanish food, especially chorizo. At its Polaris Street branch, a chiller brimming with a variety of meaty delights greets you at the door. You can take them home, of course, or enjoy them in the restaurant's popular tapas and stews. 

Photo by

Esquire Recommends:

  • Morcillas
  • Chorizo de Bilbao
  • Chistorra

Alba branches


What About Hotdogs?

We might need an entire thesis to discuss whether hotdogs should really be considered sausages, but if you're a fan of these red links, we have you covered.

1| Pink’s 

Flashy and complicated—it’s a California classic.;

2| Nathan’s

Now you see it, now you don’t. But, when you do catch one of its stalls or trucks around the city, it’s such a nostalgic treat.

3| SnR 

One of the best deals in the city. When it’s a good hotdog, you do not need to embellish.

4| Landers 

That cheese and jalapeño hotdog alone is already worth the drive to one of its outposts of consumerism.

5| Elbert’s Sandwich Shop 

It takes a no-nonsense approach to its dogs. The true star, after all, is the Big City Reds skinless wieners from Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Elbert's gets these from fine foods purveyor Bacchus International. 

Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Makati

6| Johnsonville

These flavorful wieners developed a cult following ever since they started showing up in frozen aisles everywhere. 

Available in most supermarkets

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