Satisfy Your Korean Food Cravings With This Accessible Online Market

It allows you to bring in some comfort food mixed in with traditional cuisine.

With the lockdowns changing names and replacing themselves often through what seems to be a roulette fashion, it’s safe to say that going out for the usual meals isn’t something that could happen anytime soon. Many food and snack companies have resorted to selling online to better serve their customers by providing convenience and accessibility. Korean food company Bibigo Market is one of them.

Founded in 2010 by CJ, Korea’s No. 1 Food Company Bibigo Market prides itself as Korean cuisine’s global representative, peppering touches of modernity to the country’s traditional cuisine. The online market has an astounding worldwide reach, with distributors in 56 countries offering 100 products. 

Much of what the market offers is rooted in what it calls the ‘Bibim’ philosophy. This involves the blending into one by way of sharing goods with one another, communicating, and tending to the needs of other people. This is something Bibigo Market attempts to achieve through re-interpreting a wide array of traditional dishes.


These include snacks that have become quite popular recently: corn dogs that became all the rage due to the K-drama Start-Up, and mozzarella balls that go well with spicy dishes. the marlet also offers sweet and spicy chicken, and even fresh grilled bulgogi for those who’d rather have a full meal instead of a snack. There’s also a cheese-filled tonkatsu to cater to those who love cheese with everything.

Each product comes with step-by-step instructions on the website. There are also Korean recipes through videos that can be found on Bibigo Market's official social media pages. There’s the recurring Bibigo Mukbang Challenge, where people can film themselves doing a mukbang (or "eating broadcast" in Korean) to win discounts and prizes. Those in front of the camera may munch on pretty much any sort of food—from buckets of fried chicken to assorted salads. 

Perhaps there will be more mukbangs in the future, with Bibigo Market’s selection of authentic Korean snacks and dishes. There’s nothing like enjoying traditional cuisine—Korean, no less—but there’s also something about being able to do so within one’s own home.

Shop on Bibigo Market here.

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