10-Minute Breakfast-in-Bed Ideas For the Last-Minute Man

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One of life’s last greatest luxuries is breakfast in bed: a hearty meal served right after a restful slumber–it's practically everything you need in life, with the added bonus of knowing that only people who truly love you will actually get breakfast-in-bed ideas .

Our idea of breakfast in bed

Nothing is more special than waking up to a huge breakfast tray with a plate of fluffy pancakes or hearty tapsilog, a bowl of fresh fruit, a mug of brewed coffee, and a chilled glass of fresh juice served right in front of you. For the most important woman in your life, it is the perfect gift of love, praise, and admiration. Plus, it's never a good idea to skip breakfast.

Admit it though: It may be too taxing to get up a couple of hours before your mom—or wife—and prepare a full-on breakfast meal from scratch. (How does she do it on a daily basis?) But if Erwan Heussaff can do it, so can you. Here are some breakfast-in-bed ideas that will help you get the job done without ending up grumpy and cranky. With these, all you’ll need are a handful of ingredients from your fridge, the most basic kitchen skills, and just a little lead time before she wakes up. Pro tip: A decked out tray with fresh flowers and a handwritten letter can easily make your offering more special.


This breakfast-in-bed idea promises to show off your most genuine affection and heartfelt endearment. Serve these with cheese slices, fruit in syrup, and coffee prepared to her liking.  


1| Silog burrito

Level up the typical Filipino silog meal by tucking the components in a wrap. Place a tortilla wrap on a flat surface and top with last night’s leftover rice, garlic chips, sliced scrambled eggs, and some chopped tocino, tapa, or tinapa flakes. Add a simple ensalada of tomatoes, onions, and cilantro. Roll and toast for a short time. Voila! It's such an easy breakfast in bed idea that you might want to make one for yourself, too.  

2| Good-morning nachos

Chips in the morning? This breakfast-in-bed idea is on the fun side. Get a little rebellious by tossing together a few staples to make a supreme nacho bowl. Place tortilla chips on a platter and top with avocado wedges, crispy bacon, tomato cubes, onion rings, and sunny-side-up eggs. Drizzle with sour cream and sprinkle with grated cheese.  

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3| Breakfast bimbimbap

Go Seoul-ful for her first meal of the day. Simply place a cup of rice in a deep bowl. Around it, arrange adobo flakes, cucumber slices, carrot sticks, corn, mushrooms, and greens. Place a sunny-side-up egg in the center. You might want to go shopping for this breakfast-in-bed idea. Serve with gochujang and kimchi on the side.   



This batch of breakfast-in-bed ideas are perfect for mom, slightly healthier, but promise much warmth. Pair them with granola, frozen fruit slices, and warm milk.

1| Longganisa white omelette

This breakfast-in-bed idea might be a level up since it lets you use the stove. It promises the same comfort as a traditional omelette sans the additional cholesterol. Before going to bed, separate egg whites from the yolk and keep in the fridge. In the morning, whisk the whites until frothy, add salt, and cook in a warmed pan. Once slightly set, place crumbled longganisa, kesong puti, and spinach on one side. Fold omelette over and serve immediately.


2| Coffee French toast

Here’s an idea that combines two breakfast favorites. Whisk together eggs, milk, honey, and instant coffee granules in a bowl. Slice pandesal in half crosswise, dip in egg mixture, then fry until golden. Serve with whipped cream and maple syrup on the side. This is also a great morning-coffee alternative.

3| Fresh fruit halo-halo

All the lovely colors in this breakfast-in-bed idea will brighten up your mom’s morning. Prepare fresh fruit into cubes, balls, strips, and strings. Make sure each fruit is prepared in a different way. Take a tall, clear glass and place fresh fruit at the bottom. Drizzle with some honey, then top with chilled yogurt (Greek is best!). Add more fruit and honey, then finish with a sprinkling of cornflakes. Try it topped with some ube jam, too!  

BONUS: Make the set extra special with a fizzy celebratory drink! Simply combine fresh orange juice with vodka for a classic screwdriver or some sparkling wine for a mimosa.  

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