Love Coffee and Tea? Caffeine Could Be In Your Veins


Do you ever feel like you drink so much coffee in a day that it's coursing through your veins? Well, that could be true according to a new study.

Scientists at Oregon State University have just proven that we consume so much caffeine that it's been found in our blood. And, it doesn't just affect coffee drinkers. The study counts those who drink tea, chocolate, soda, and energy drinks, too.

"From a 'contamination' standpoint, caffeine is not a big worry for patients, though it may be a commentary on current society," said Luying Chen, a Ph.D. student. "But the other drugs being in there could be an issue for patients..."

The study, published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, was done to see interactions between botanical dietary supplements and drug metabolism.

"Botanicals basically contain natural products with drug-like activities," co-author Richard van Breemen said. "Just as a drug may alter the drug-metabolizing enzymes, so can natural products. It can become a real problem when someone takes a botanical supplement and is also on prescription drugs—how do those two interact?"

Look, even the scientists don't even know what to make of this find. So, we wouldn't be too worried over it. As always, everything in moderation.

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