Cooking Fatigue Is a Real Thing. Here's How to Tell If You Have It


Unless you're a professional chef (or living with one), chances are, you're experiencing cooking fatigue right about now. 

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Yep, a new study says, since we have no choice but to stay in, people are forced to cook more than ever. At the beginning of the quarantine, this was an interesting hurdle to navigate. But, not so much months later. And no, it's not just you.

Cooking fatigue isn't just one problem. It's an umbrella stemming from different cooking-related things such as prep work, clean up, planning meals for the week, cooking, collecting ingredients, and waiting for food to be ready. It's definitely a first-world problem, but a problem nonetheless.

A survey conducted with 2,000 people revealed that seven in 10 wished they could make a healthy dinner faster, while 46 percent just wanted simply to be done with cooking by doing less prep work. Planning a meal itself takes a toll, too, as 43 percent wished it took less time to schedule.

Since this is part of the new normal, the study also looked at possible options for all you quarantine cooks. There is the obvious, which is home delivery, but it's still a risky (and costly) move. At the top of the list? Pre-made meals and meal kits. 

How about you check out our list of trusty recipes for something new as a quick fix?

Are you experiencing quarantine cooking fatigue?

Yes and I've accepted it.

Nope. Still ordering food here and there.


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