Here's a Dining Experience Where the Best Seats in the House are 150 Feet Up

This once-in-a-lifetime dining adventure makes a stop at Manila

You may call yourself an adventurous eater, especially if you love trying the latest food fads or traveling to out-of-the-way places to dig into exotic cuisine. But there's a culinary event coming up that is set to bring you to new heights—literally.

The Dinner in the Sky concept lets guests feast on gourmet dishes while enjoying a view from a vantage point unlike any other. The sky dining experience, which has earned for itself a spot on Forbes Magazine’s list of the world’s Top 10 Most Unusual Restaurants, brings thrill-seekers to unprecedented culinary heights as it hoists its table, chefs, and waitstaff 150 feet into the air, giving them an amazing bird’s-eye view of a city.


The Belgium-based novelty dining service has hosted over 5,000 events so far, in more than 45 cities around the world. Its iconic locations include the Las Vegas Strip, King David Hotel gardens, Dubai Marina, Villa Borghese grounds, the St. Lawrence River, Copacabana beach, Cape Town Bay, and the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur. Its next stop is the Solaire Resort and Casino, where diners can catch the famed Manila Bay sunset or the twinkling lights of the city by night.


This unique one-hour experience, which will start on April 3, is only available through online reservation. There will be two dinner events for each day of its operations, hoisting up 22 diners each time. It is packaged at P9,900 per person, inclusive of a four-course fine-dining meal.

The dishes to complement what the organizers are calling a “once-in-a-lifetime experience” are prepared by Solaire chefs Hylton Le Roux of the Waterside restaurant, Alan Marchetti of Finestra, Norimasa Kosaka of Yakumi, and guest chefs Kenneth Cacho who is Director for Culinary Arts of ISCAHM and Yves Mattagne of the Michelin-starred Sea Grill in Brussels, Belgium. Aside from the delectable meat and seafood choices, vegetarian set menus are also available. 

With a whole dinner table suspended in the air, some concerns may be raised about safety, but the organizers at MMI-Live and their co-organizer group DITS Asia assure the public that there is nothing to worry about. Dinner in the Sky observes international safety standards, with seated guests wearing safety belts, and standing presenter and crew secured by safety harnesses at all times during the flight. Patrons will be given a briefing by a safety supervisor about all the safety regulations prior to the flight and will be in constant communication with crane operator and ground crew. There are no bathrooms on board, though, so guests are encouraged to go before they climb aboard. Bulky cameras are also a no-no, so it is best to capture the amazing view and dinner bonding moments on your camera phone.

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Arvin Randahwa, CEO of DITS ASIA, says that the Philippines is the third country in Southeast Asia in which the Dinner In The Sky experience is taking place. “We are especially excited about its launch as Filipinos are known to be adventurous and fun-loving people.” Rhiza Pascua, CEO of MMI Live says that while their company is known for bringing world-class concerts into the country, it was easy for them to decide to bring the extraordinary dining experience here. “It’s about time that Filipinos experience the best in the world in our own shores, for the Philippines to become a destination for culinary adventures and one-of-a-kind experiences. We deserve it.”

Lorenzo Manalang, VP for brand & marketing of Solaire Resort and Casino, was able to experience the Dinner In The Sky event in Malaysia, and says that even those who are afraid of heights (like him) will be able to thoroughly enjoy it. He recounts, “We were already halfway up when I realized how high we already were, because you would get distracted by the fun atmosphere with your friends, the music, and the amazing dishes that they set out in front of you. You get to see so much of the view even when you are seated and safely strapped to your harness.”

For the slightly acrophobic, he advises sticking to the center of the table and avoiding the corner seats, so you will be distracted by your dinner companions on either side instead of looking down. He adds, “As we were in the planning stages, we already sent up a drone to see the view from 150 feet, and I guarantee you that it will be amazing.”


For more information on booking procedures about Dinner in the Sky Philippines, visit

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