Meatballs by Quentin Tarantino, and Other Famous Filmmakers Imagined as Food

Featuring bloody spaghetti from Quentin Tarantino and whimsical s'mores from Wes Anderson.
IMAGE David Ma

Quentin Tarantino would never dabble in food porn. It's far too accessible, what with every human with a phone diluting the food video sector at the rate of five thousand latte foam and pasta twirl snaps per second. But, say Tarantino were to make a video showcasing the visceral, vibrantly colored creation of a bowl of spaghetti. It would almost certainly look like this video from food artist David Ma, who re-imagined how a recipe would appear under the direction of America's pulpiest director:

Ma also created a recipe video for waffles from the master of non-subtlety himself, Michael Bay. Bay, who ran the once-OK Transformers franchise straight into special effects hell, has probably not touched something as light and fluffy as a baked good in years.

For a more realistic director-food pairing, Ma captured a Wes Anderson take on s'mores. It is very on brand.

And finally, Ma took Alfonso Cuarón, director of Gravity and Children of Men, and paired him with pancakes. The results are cinematographic beauty, reminiscent of the visual standard set by Chef's Table.


Playing with your food never looked this cool.

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