Food Delivery Services That Will Make You Want to Be a Bachelor Forever

It's late in the evening and you're watching TV, stuffing your face with some takeout chow mein that tastes like yesterday's leftovers (FYI, most of it probably is). You're at life's crossroad and life feels stagnant. The only thing you have going for you is that questionable but tasty meal.

But if food is all you have going for you, then you should really be retiring from fast food by now. Level up and we're not asking you to suddenly turn into a Master Chef. Metro Manila has solutions when it comes to giving you the best home-cooked meawith minimal cooking and dishwashing. These delivery services offer the ease of ordering fast food with the flavor of mom's cooking (maybe even better).

Hainan Chicken Rice

Kai Huang IMAGE: Kai Huang

Chicken is the bachelor's best friend. It's affordable, relatable, easy, and it can go from simple to sophisticated with the right ingredients. You should always have chicken in your freezer. But if you don't, the number to dial Hanan Chicken Rice PH. The service is semi-regular for now, with the two chefs at the helm opening their kitchen only when they're free (make sure to follow their social media pages), but, like a blue moon, it's well worth the wait. The plump chicken is poached to perfection and brightened by your usual Hainanese chicken accoutrements soy glaze, ginger garlic sauce, and chili. There are two options Soy and Hainanese, delivered freshly cooked on the day. Unlike other delivery options, they have portions available in single servings. You can enjoy it as is or blitz it quickly for one minute in the microwave oven.

Follow @hainanchickenriceph on Instagram or message 0918-959-5772.

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Chef Happy Ongpauco Tiu's Mom Made

How often can mom really come in with those Tupperwares of ready-to-heat meals? During mom's downtime, opt for Chef Happy Ongpauco Tiu's Mom Made. They're nearly the same thing, except they're made by a chef who's also a mom (win-win!). Packaged in boxes designed like cookbooks for the sophisticated gentleman who thinks he's too good for frozen fare, Chef Happy composed her recipes sans MSG and with only top-notch ingredients. They're also portioned in small batches probably to avoid spoilage but they'll also help you avoid months-old leftovers in the fridge.


With options like ready-to-cook Cebu lechon rolls, maple-spiced beef stew, Spanish salpicao, bulalong corned beef, and adobo flakes (many are specialties from Chef Happy's own restaurants), these kits aren't your usual TV dinners.

Follow @mommadeph on Instagram or message 0917-899-0536, 0917-899-0374.

Real Girl, Toy Kitchen

IMAGE: Real Girl Toy Kitchen

Johanna Garcia makes cooking as easy as popping things in the microwave. In Real Girl, Toy Kitchen, she sells everything anyone will need for a small get-together, including homemade dips, spreads, sauces, and condiments. Her real draw, however, are her ready meals like chili con carne, lasagna, and even turkey. Orders should be made three to five days in advance. 


Order through the Real Girl, Toy Kitchen website.

Mister Delicious' Everyday Foods

Mister Delicious Jeremy Slagle has always made it easy to enjoy a higher level of food, with his bacon and his pastrami and his smoked ham and his other cured meats, but he's made life even better for the lazy but discerning diner with his line of Everyday Foods, which put your average microwavable dishes to shame.


Instead of the usual microwavables, most of Jeremy's ready-to-eat meals are put in boiling bags. His extensive catalogue of eats includes everything from mac and cheese and tomato soup to bacon laing, confit chicken inasal, pork carnitas, and more. 

Order through Mister Delicious' website.


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