Food Gifts That Every Man Will Love to Receive This Christmas

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What do you give a man who has everything? What do you give a man who’s traveled the world? What do you give a man who’s taste in things is a cut above the rest? Food is the answer! It’s a no-fail choice that every man would love to receive. Every guy on this planet would definitely appreciate an edible gift.

You know how that old adage goes: The way to a man’s heart is through his… And this Christmas, that stomach better be filled with only the best eats and libations. Here, find a roundup of great gift options, all proudly produced in the Philippines, that no man can resist. 

1| 35cl Cocktail Co.’s bottled cocktails (P950 per bottle) 

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Are you still inviting friends to go out during the weekend to drink? In this traffic? In this economy? Enter: 35cl Cocktail Co. This local enterprise has done everyone a favor by bottling fun, creative cocktails for you to enjoy in the comforts of your home. As in, you can now drink in your pajamas. Who wouldn’t want that? For the holidays, it came up with three Christmas-y flavors: Chocolate, Eggnog, and Hibiscus. Make sure to order stat as 35cl Cocktail Co. is only selling 120 bottles per flavor.


2| Papa Bear Food’s Hot Honey (P250 per bottle) 

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That brand name, folks. How can you not be intrigued? For the toughest man in your life, you’re going to have to choose Papa Bear. Yes, this is serious. Papa Bear is the wonderful provider of all things hot and spicy. Its first entry into the market was by way of an all-powerful chili oil. That’s a great gift option, too, but it’s the hot honey that should be on top of your list. The sweet-and-spicy concoction is amazing drizzled over almost anything: pizza, steak, pastries, salad, and even ice cream. Thanks, Papa Bear! 


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3| The Dream Coffee’s Ground or Whole Beans (P350 per pack) 

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It’s time to wake up to the realities of life, people! Instant coffee just won’t do it anymore. Brewed coffee is for the real grown-up men. This particular one comes from a single estate and is organically produced, directly traded, and roasted in small batches. The Dream Coffee sources its Arabica beans all the way from T’Boli, South Cotabato, where each coffee cherry is handpicked at the peak of its ripeness. This brand is also a social enterprise. You’re helping farmers while they help you.

4| Buenlago Kitchen’s Buttahh (P300 to P350 per bottle) 

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Is there even anything that butter can’t make better? Nothing, absolutely nothing. Spread on toast, topped over rice, and smothered all over that grilled meat, butter makes life more bearable. Even better is Buenlago Kitchen’s Buttah! Imagine: whipped butter flavored with cheese, Tuscan herbs, maple bacon, or crab fat. Here’s a Noche Buena idea: Cook spaghetti, toss in taba ng talangka Buttah, squeeze in lemon, and done.


5| Eddy’s Chicharrones (P250 to P350) 

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Fluffy, soft, melts-in-your-mouth. Nope, this is not a marshmallow. This is the ubiquitous Filipino snack, chicharon! No man can say no to crunchy, golden fried pork fat and skin, so Eddy’s Chicharrones should be a no-fail choice. It has the regular airy kind, but go for the premium one with meat. Then make sure to pair it with Eddy’s equally potent spiced vinegar that’s a perfect match to the chicharon. A gift for all ages! 

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6| Vargas Kitchen’s Queso de Bola Buttercake (P400 to P795) 

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You’re bound to score extra points with this ultra fluffy, extremely buttery, super-duper heavenly butter cake! Vargas Kitchen has been at it for many years now, and this butter cake has been witness to numerous birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms, engagements, and maybe even breakups. But for this Christmas, the good folks behind the brand decided to amp up its addictiveness by tossing in queso de bola into the mix. Yes, you’ll find queso de bola both on top and inside the cake. Say hello to your new Christmas tradition.


7| Manu Mano’s Salted Tablea Brownies (P200 to P350) 

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Do you have that friend who introduced you to pot brownies? Now it’s your turn to introduce him to these more mature brownies that are loaded with goodness but still not exactly guilt-free: Manu Mano’s Salted Tablea Brownies. These chocolatey bars are dense and moist and feature Auro’s tablea coins. What makes the squares even more special is the sprinkling of salt on top. Time to grow up!   

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8| Santana’s Hummus (P120 to P290)

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If you still didn’t know, hummus is a Middle Eastern dip that’s good for your body, not only in a satiating way but also in a healthful one. According to Google, hummus can help fight inflammation, improve blood sugar, and help in weight loss. Whether or not those are true, this hummus by Santana’s is a fantastic way to get obsessed with the dip. This version is light, creamy, and flavorful and comes in a myriad of flavors, including lemon, pesto, sun-dried tomato, and spicy jalapeño. Don’t forget the pita! 


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9| Roma’s Premium Rolled Ham (P750 per kilo)

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What is Christmas without ham? This HAM-azing roll of meat from Roma’s uses a treasured recipe passed on from one generation to the next. The result is a hunk of pork that’s flavorful all the way to the center. It’s not overly salty nor is it cloyingly sweet. It’s tender yet hefty, and features a thin layer of fat that brings extra flavor. This one’s HAM-solutely perfect for Noche Buena, tucked inside warm pandesal. HAM-a Merry Christmas! 

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10| Kitayama Meat Shop’s Steak Sampler (P2,400 to P6,700)

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Man’s gotta have his meat, and it better be premium and top of its kind. Nothing less, please. Which is why you should head over to Kitayama for this purpose. This meat shop has been cross-breeding pure Japanese Wagyu with Australian Brahmans for 18 years now and the product has always been the star of any dinner table. This Christmas, it has come up with special gift sets, including a steak sampler that features ribeye, porterhouse, striploin, and T-bone. They have premium burger patties, too.   

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11| Vino Isla’s Tropical Wines (P720+ per bottle)  

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Ever sipped vino that transported you straight to the sandy shores of a Philippine island? Nothing is impossible, especially with Vino Isla’s wine. These locally made libations feature flavors that highlight the archipelago’s bounty: mangoes, coconut, and sugarcane. They’re sweet, aromatic, and refreshing—perfect to pair with light Filipino dishes or to serve to welcome guests. Promised someone an out-of-town trip but couldn’t find the time? Here’s the next best thing.


12| Que Rica’s Pili Nuts (P150 to P200)

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Pili is a superfood that can take over any other nut in terms of health benefits. Luckily, there is an abundance of this nut in the Philippines. Que Rica is a proudly local brand that champions anything and everything from Bicol, including pili. Simply flavored with Himalayan pink salt, these nuts will make you nuts. Not to worry, there’s more to try from Que Rica’s arsenal: plain and skinless, coated with coffee, or tossed with truffle and Pecorino.


13| Banana Chief’s Banana Chips (P395 per bag) 

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All hail the chief! These are no ordinary banana chips. First, the banana is larger than life, literally. Banana Chief uses giant saba from Zamboanga that's grown in rich soil. The bananas are cut thicker than usual and cooked in coconut oil. The chips have that loveable crisp texture but feel lighter and healthier. They’re already naturally sweet even without a coating of sugar. Beautiful packaging, too! The best part is every pack purchased helps the farmers and their families. Your loved one will go bananas for these bananas!

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14| Pasteleria Manila’s Caramel Cake (P560 per tray) 

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Have you ever met a caramel cake you didn’t like? It’s hard to mess up caramel cakes. They always come in a fluffy and spongy chiffon cake lathered in sweet caramel sauce. But what Pasteleria Manila does is bring all that to a whole new level. The cake comes in a tray, where the chiffon rightfully soaks up all of the light golden caramel sauce. The best part is the smooth, silky top, which is the perfect canvas for your Christmas message. Happy Holidays? Have a Merry Christmas? Here’s to looking like Santa? 



15| Blackscoop Cafe’s Milk Tea Gallon (P850 to P950) 

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For anyone looking to up their blood sugar over the holidays, this gift option is for you! But seriously, this one’s the perfect gift for the milk tea-obsessed man. Who wouldn’t grin from ear to ear upon receiving a whole gallon of original, wintermelon, or Okinawa milk tea? It comes with chewy black pearls, too, to round out the experience. The gallon is actually good for 15 people... or just one true blue fan. No sharing! 

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