Wake up! Fowl Bread now serves breakfast

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It’s no secret that breakfast has the power to command your disposition. What you eatand where you eat—it can create the tone for whatever you've set out to do. Apparently, being a one-stop shop for chicken sandwiches isn't enough. Fowl Bread recently introduced a new breakfast menu, and if you're one of those who loves ending a major party sesh with their great noodles, then starting out with their sausages is an A-plus way to get your day going.


Fowl Bread, which replaces what used to be a camera shop, in Bonifacio High Street, is a casual space where a retro vibe is juxtaposed with bold, new dishes. It harkens back to simple food stands of yore, but walk over to the side and you'll find a nondescript door that leads to a cramped sit-down area. Since they opened in March, the owners have noticed the number of the early-morning joggers and hungover night owls prowling the streets for some grub. This built-in clientele prompted them to start serving breakfast.

Available from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m., Fowl Bread's breakfast menu is composed of well-balanced platters that are filling and familiar yet still consistent with the rest of their unique menu selection. Through extensive research and practicelike how to create the perfect sunny-side up or how to cook deliciously cubed potatoes, they’ve come up with three new dishes perfect for an early-morning pick-me-up.

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Five-Spice Sausages

Smoked Bratwurst

Corned Beef Hash


Pineapple Yakult Frozen Cocktail, House Iced Tea, Strawberry Hibiscus Slushie

The dishes come in hefty sizes; all are accompanied by two eggs (a toss-up between sunny-side up or scrambled), a heap of crispy potatoes, and some toast. The five-spice sausages are made in the house, and its slight spiciness goes well with the tomatoes. The corned beef hash, a favorite for those who crave a more Filipino-esque breakfast, is juicy with a little bit of crunch, adding a whole new dimension to the familiar dish. The smoked bratwurst platter, which comes with a delicious sauce, is already a wonderful and delicious breakfast option. 

Pork Dan Dan Rice

Famous noodles with potstickers and beans

Banana Donuts

Aside from the newly introduced breakfast platter, the Fowl Bread already has a cult following for their well-curated menu. The standouts are the potsticker Szechuan noodle, which is well-suited for spicy food lovers and the gyoza-obsessed, and the crispy pork chop dan dan rice, for those craving a perfectly crispy porkchop and delicious spiced rice to go with it. Still, beignets can't hurt either.

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