Hungry Man: Pantry, Fridge, or Freezer Meals for Any Time of Day or Night

You will never starve again with these freezer meals.

With many of us still homebound these last 10 months, we’ve been making many trips to the refrigerator to rummage for something good to eat at all hours of the day or night. Here are some suggestions for pantry, fridge, or freezer meals to stave off the hunger pangs at any time.

Charcuterie, Cheese, Preserves, Vinegar, etc by Deli by Chele

Chele Gonzalez and Carlos Villaflor have made it easier for us to keep the fine food Gallery by Chele is known for in our own pantries. From freshly baked sourdough using a decades-old starter from France to red dragon fruit sparkling kombucha, beautiful charcuterie of pastrami to plump lechon sausages and spicy chorizo, jars of tuna loin or mackerel in olive oil, citrus, and fennel to pickled local produce, you will want them all.

0917 160 2382,

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Empanada by La Cabrera Manila

These hefty empanadas bursting with steak chunks definitely hit the spot at any time of day. Of course, they also have frozen steak if you want a bigger celebration, La Cabrera’s pre-charred steaks from La Cabrera’s Argentinean parrilla make any meal at home extra special. 


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Chicken Bolognese and Sofrito by Buen Provecho! by Oliver and Maude

Stock your larder with jars of these hearty tomato-based sauces that go with all kinds of pasta. Latin households have sofrito on hand as a dipping sauce for chips, as a meat marinade, or for brushing on grilled vegetables.

Pizza Romana by Cibo

Anything by Margarita Fores is guaranteed to be a treat, and now her Romana pizza—in salami and four cheese—is available in the frozen section of all Robinsons Supermarkets. Just pop it in the oven whenever you’re hankering for it. A must on your list of freezer meals.

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Spreads by CC Table

Friends of Carole Cuasay Tagle, who have been enjoying her cooking for years, are thrilled she has come up with her own elegant line of spreads and other good things. We are enamored with her three-cheese pimiento and her chickpea hummus. Her bangus simmered in apple cider vinegar makes a quick happy meal any time of day.

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Sinantolan by Que Rica 

Rica Dakudao Buenaflor brings the flavors of her beloved Bicol to Manila. Her sinantolan, cotton fruit stewed in coconut milk, is an all-time favorite, and we can't get enough of it. Her laing longaniza is a modern take on the traditional Bicolano classic. Piquant and juicy, it gets our thumbs up.

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Laing by Hungry Dot's

Studded with shrimp and pork, this baked laing has been a crowd favorite for years. Our features editor Mario Limos and his sister Nicole remember their Bicolana Lola Siony making it every weekend since they were children. 

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Soon Du Bu Chigae by Umma's Seoul Food to Go

This hearty broth with silken tofu and enoki mushrooms is traditional Korean comfort food, says Jimmy Kang. He began selling the food he grew up with during the lockdown, after being encouraged by his friends. We love his generous servings of bulgogi and crisp chive pancakes. For a splurge, order the yang nyeom galbi, a kilo of meaty grade six wagyu ribs. Make sure to order sesame leaves, kimchi, and bottles of soju to complete a satisfying meal.


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Batchoy by 21

Anyone who’s been to Bacolod has been to 21, a mainstay for decades. Its popular batchoy is now available in Manila, cooked and packaged in Negros and flown over here. Everything comes in the brown package it arrives in: broth, noodles, chives, chicharon, and more. There are three suppliers in Manila.

0917 300 0007, 0917 530 6251, 0956 389 3866.

Laksa by Thomson Road Kitchen

We kept seeing sponsored posts on our feed so we figured we’d give it a shot. With just the right amount of heat and a balance of flavors and spices, coconut cream, noodles, and a selection of seafood balls, this freezer food definitely hits the mark. Worth booking a rider from the south, or order enough for free delivery. Its char siu bun is a best-seller, too. 

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Ramen by Ramen Ron

Our favorite ramen from the last decade is back. Remember the unsmiling soup nazi from Ukokkei on Pasay Road? Well, he’s back and dishing out the chicken umami stock we all love. No more rules. You can have it whenever you want it. One of our favorite freezer meals. on Instagram


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