Get Your Fresh Tuna and Sashimi Fix for Only P280 in This Seafood Shop


Are you crazy about sashimi? Then you probably know that mixed feeling happiness and disappointment whenever ordering sashimi at Japanese restaurants. Sure, you're happy to be eating sashimi, but there just never seems to be enough, or worse, they might not be fresh enough.  You may especially get this bittersweet feeling with uni, or sea urchin. It's not only hard to find, but also exorbitantly expensive for such tiny amounts. Well, we've got to break it to you: we've found a place you can affordably satisfy your sashimi craving. 

Tuna and Salmon Sashimi for Only P280




JAAM Seafood Trading is a stall in Farmers Market Cubao where you can buy a cornucopia of fresh, high-quality seafood. When you buy your sashimi here, not only do you slash the price that a restaurant will add on, but you also get access to unmistakably fresher fish: 

A Tupperware of Uni


1| Uni Sashimi, P550/500 grams

Harvest uni, or sea urchins, is no joke. Their long toxic spindles need to be expertly cut off before you can get to that delicious, yellowy mound of sashimi. It sure is worth it, though. That creamy, decadent, rich, sashimi tastes just like the sea. Finding this at Japanese restaurants is hard enough, and when you do find it, a serving of uni sashimi, of about three tablespoons worth can go for P250 at a restaurant sans service fee. You get about 10x the amount of that at JAAM Seafood Trading. It also comes with convenient packaging you can put back in the freezer so you can enjoy it for days to come.

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Creamy Salmon and Tuna Sashimi


2 Tuna and Salmon Sashimi Platter, P280/250 grams

Get creamy fresh salmon and hearty bright-red tuna that won't leave you wanting for more. It's sliced upon order and packaged with ice so they're as fresh as you can get once you eat it. It's almost unbelievable that a price of a 250-gram tray good for one sashimi addict or two already costs the same as a incredibly small serving at your typical restaurant. Actually, you you can even stretch this tray to be good for three by transforming it into a delicious poke bowl. 

We suggest you buy this platter instead of an uncut sushi slab. As simple as chopping up cubes of sushi may sound, a lot can go wrong with inexperienced hands. 

You can get a platter of fatty, rich salmon at P320, and clean-tasting lean tuna at P300. You can also buy a tube of wasabi to go with your order for P100. Every order will already include an ample amount of Japanese soysauce and chopsticks.


3| Fresh Tanigue Sashimi, P630/kilo

Don't limit yourself to typical sashimi options though. You can also go for delicious, local fish that's commonly used in kinilaw, tanigue. If you're eating with friends and family, we advice adding this to your order to add more variety.

4| Lobster and more! 

You can also find other rare seafood finds here. They have lobster for P2,800/kilo, different parts of tuna and salmon, different sizes of shrimp, seaweed, oysters, and crabs. If you're looking to source the great seafood feast of your dreams, this just might be the place

You Can Get It Delivered

Drop by at their stall at Farmers Market Cubao and they'll slice up your fish quickly right as you order. You can also opt to get your sashimi delivered by messaging them through their Facebook page, paying through online banking, and getting your sashimi coursed through by Grab Delivery. The great thing about having it delivered is that they'll pack your fish with a lot of ice so it's guaranteed to maintain its high quality even after traveling.

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