Frozen Chickenjoy Is Now Available at Robinsons Supermarket


Jollibee and Robinsons Supermarket have found a creative way to satisfy our cravings for the beloved Chickenjoy. Now, you can buy frozen Chickenjoy from select Robinsons Supermarkets for only P199. The pack contains cut-up pieces of marinated chicken.

The frozen Chickenjoy are packaged according to different cuts, so you can choose between big wings, thigh, and legs. 

Photo by Francis Galura.

Photo by Francis Galura.

Photo by Francis Galura.

Since March 15, Filipinos across Luzon were plunged into Chickenjoy abstinence following the total lockdown order from the government. Jollibee was quick to offer an alternative: frozen food packs from its menu that you can buy from select Jollibee branches.

Then, Robinsons Supermarket partnered with Jollibee so more people can buy their stocks of marinated frozen chicken cut-ups. The marinade is the same formula used for Chickenjoy. Simply defrost the chicken and deep-fry it. The ready-to-cook meals are available only until supplies last.

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The partnership has eased the strain on food delivery services, because of the seemingly insatiable demand for the famous fried chicken.

A word of advice: Plan your grocery trips well. If you have to do grocery shopping, do it early in the morning. While some supermarkets remain open, the physical distancing put in effect results in longer queues that last for hours. If you know smaller stores open for business, call ahead to ask if they still have stocks of the supplies you need to buy.

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