Where to Order a Complete Gourmet Feast for Mother's Day


Picture this: You have four mouths to feed, a mommy who is the boss plus three cranky kids. You don’t know how to cook, so you follow the instructions from a hardbound book. Let's see... a pinch of basil. But instead of a pinch, the whole lot drops into the pan! The water is boiling-wildly! And so you lift the pot with naked hands! Mother! Okay, okay. Now, you taste the sauce, which has clotted on the back burner. And before you know it, your breasts are on fire!

Ah, yes, this kitchen nightmare is from Mrs. Doubtfire. In the 1993 classic, funnyman Robin Williams disguises himself as the housekeeper Mrs. Euphegenia Doubtfire to be closer to his children (his wife has sole custody). This explains the cooking high jinks and also the rubber breasts. In the end, Mrs. D saves the day by ordering from restaurant Valenti’s. 

We bring this up, not only because we are concerned about the safety of your man chest, but also because Mother’s Day requires a special meal prepared by dutiful sons and daughters-not by the house elf (aka mom). If you are as useless as a doorknob in the kitchen, take a page from Mrs. Doubtfire’s playbook and get a gourmet feast from, say, a five-star hotel. 

Peking Duck

Photo by Grand Hyatt Manila.

In time for Sunday, Grand Hyatt Manila now lets you order an entire meal from the safety of your bed. Call in a western, Chinese, or vegan feast prepared by the professional chefs and bakers of The Grand Kitchen, No. 8 China House, and Florentine. The lunch or dinner includes an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert (for the western and vegan menu) plus sides.

So, for example, for the mom who tolerates only the familiar or a family with disparate tastes, the reliable western menu has seafood chowder as the starter, a slow-smoked barbeque beef brisket as the main course, and a strawberry cheesecake for dessert. Other stars of the show include roasted butterball turkey, Peking duck, lemon chicken, and even vegan lasagna.

Slow-Smoked Beef Brisket Western Feast 

Photo by Grand Hyatt Manila.

Roasted Butterball Turkey Western Feast

Photo by Grand Hyatt Manila.
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The hook here, apart from ensuring the safety of your family by staying at home, is the stress-free arrangement of your mommy feast. There’s no need to make a mess in the kitchen and burn your fictional bra. There’s no need to corral a variety of sources from Instagram to get different dishes. There’s no need to shout.

Good to know: The feast is good for six but can feed more; the brisket is fork-tender and plentiful; the cheesecake is crowned with an abundance of strawberries; everything arrives organized and well-packed, too.

Vegan Feast

Photo by Grand Hyatt Manila.

Vegan Lasagna

Photo by Grand Hyatt Manila.

All you have to do is unbox the foodstuff and follow Mrs. Doubtfire’s lead by exquisitely plating the meals. Bring out the fancy dishes, heirloom chargers, silver trays, and crystal glasses. Just don’t break anything because mom will cry. 

Order here. [email protected], +632 8838 1234.

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