Quarter Pounder with Cheese Vs. Chickenjoy: Which Has More Calories?

Something to help you decide if the happiness is worth it.
ILLUSTRATOR Jasrelle Serrano

Calories, as Dave Barry once wrote, "are little units that measure how good a particular food tastes." He goes on to explain that that is why "[f]udge fror example, has a great many calories, whereas celery, which is not really a food at all but a member of the plywood family provided by Mother Nature so that mankind would have a way to get onion dip into his mouth at parties, has none."

He's kidding, of course. But you may be surprised to find, for example, that that two Jollibee tuna pies have more calories than a burger steak with rice. Or that a Mcdonald's Filet-o-fish has more calories than Chickenjoy, Jolly Spaghetti edges out the Quarter Pounder with Cheese, and that eating a Double Cheeseburger and a Vanilla Cone in one sitting still has fewer calories than a Famous Bowl.

As the new year comes with a bunch of new resolutions for another round of attempts at #OplanBalikAlindog, it helps to be armed with knowledge. We’ve looked up the calorie counts of some of the most popular dishes from fast-food favorites KFC, McDonald’s, and Jollibee to help you decide how to manage your personal happiness vs. calories economy. You're welcome.


Sources: KFC US Nutrition Guide, Calorie KingMy Fitness Pal 

Source: McDonald’s US Nutrition Calculator

Sources: Calorie KingMy Fitness Pal 

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