Jollibee Chickenjoy Gets Shoutout in the U.S. as One of the Best Fast Food Fried Chicken

World domination starts now.
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There’s no stopping them now. As Jollibee continues its mission toward world domination, another superpower has fallen to the sheer might of Chickenjoy: the United States of America.


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Redbook Magazine has ranked Jollibee as the fourth best fast food fried chicken in the America, beating out the likes of McDonalds and KFC. Popeyes topped the list, followed Chick-Fil-A and Hattie B’s, all of which are American-born fast food brands.

So it’s a delightful surprise that the Filipino fast food chain made it to number four just as Jollibee continues its vast expansion across North America and Europe. As Redbook puts it, Jollibee is the Filipino brand that’s “about to take over the United States.”

Redbook is now among the growing number of global publications that are recognizing Jollibee as among the best, or even the best, fast food fried chicken of our times.

There are currently around 45 Jollibee stories in the U.S.A., each one opening to long lines of people and cars composed of Filipinos missing a taste of home and Americans eager for this world-class chicken. This doesn’t even include the 200 international Jollibee branches in other countries. In total, there are around 270 Jollibee outside the Philippines, and more than 5,800 stores of Jollibee Group brands, which includes the likes of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and Chow King, around the world.



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It’s no secret that Jollibee Group aims to be one of the top five restaurant chains in the world. At this rate, it’s no longer a question of if that will happen, but when.

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