Jollibee Items We Loved and Lost Through the Years

It's fine because the tuna pie is back.
IMAGE FACEBOOK/Mga Kwento ni Jollibee

Though we'll always love the Chickenjoy and burger steak, Jollibee has lots of menu items that were sadly short-lived. Facebook page Mga Kwento ni Jollibee posted an album of these and we were hit with a big wave of nostalgia. Relive the times when you could still order the following, and maybe cross your fingers they come back?

Chicken Torpedo

Yes, there was a time when your favorite Chickenjoy came in sandwich form! Jollibee used to offer a more straightforward Crispy Chicken Sandwich, with a crispy chicken fillet between two soft burger buns, and the hefty Chicken Torpedo, with fried-chicken strips, tangy-sweet dressing, and lettuce between two hotdog buns, making the perfect to-go lunch meal.

Photo by FACEBOOK/Mga Kwento ni Jollibee.

Arroz Cubana

Sometimes, Jollibee went beyond their rice meals to create something a little more unexpected, like the Arroz Cubana, which was inspired by a Pinoy dish called arroz a la cubana. This meal had savory ground beef sauteéd with carrots, peas, and corn kernels, plus rice, fried egg, and fried banana slices. If you wanted something filling and also a bit out-of-the-ordinary, this was it.

Photo by FACEBOOK/Mga Kwento ni Jollibee.

Swirly Bitz

This Jollibee classic disappeared from the menu quietly, but everyone noticed. It was the perfect bet when you didn't feel like having a sundae but also wanted a cold treat. This one came with crushed cookies blended with vanilla soft-serve ice cream.

Photo by FACEBOOK/Mga Kwento ni Jollibee.
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Ice Craze

Another classic dessert, this is sorely missed especially in this hot summer season. An icy dessert before they were trendy, the Ice Craze had finely shaved ice and a variety of toppings—from the classic macapuno and ube, to fruit bits, and even coffee jelly.

Photo by FACEBOOK/Mga Kwento ni Jollibee.

Criss-Cut Fries

These fries felt extra crispy because of their criss-cut shape, making them a joy to munch on. Plus, they came in Savory BBQ and Cheese flavors, too. Jollibee sometimes brings back the Criss-Cut Fries for a limited time so we're hoping for its return!

Photo by FACEBOOK/Mga Kwento ni Jollibee.

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