Kraver's Canteen Just Opened the First-Ever Filipino Food Hall... In the Metaverse


The Philippines has just launched its first-ever virtual food hall in the metaverse, courtesy of the cloud kitchen startup Kraver’s Canteen. And unlike other metaverse worlds that require hefty payments for NFTs, this Filipino-made metaverse is fun, immersive, and affordable. 

Metaverse Orders

Instead of just ordering food by scrolling on your phone, foodies can explore the Kra-Verse Food Hall, a virtual environment where you can walk around and interact as if you were playing Minecraft. Only here, you can actually order food directly from a Kra-Verse representative who is “playing” the game with you. 

The Kra-Verse Food Hall is supported by the popular video chat platform Gather, and users can design their personal avatars before walking around the virtual town and placing their orders. You can browse the food hall's many food options, ask representatives directly about dishes, or just chill by the metaverse’s virtual beach, complete with relaxing sounds and palm trees. 

After two years of impersonal food deliveries, this unique food delivery concept builds an experience worth repeating. 


Top-Tier Packaging

Kraver’s Canteen, a local cloud kitchen, has been reinventing traditional F&B experiences since it was founded in 2020 just before the world’s longest lockdown began. The foodtech startup has since built several popular food brands that are all housed under the Kraver’s Canteen digital roof. As a cloud kitchen, Kraver’s does not have an actual storefront. Instead, its brands focus on their digital presence, while Kraver’s owns and operates 10 kitchens around the metro where brands come together to cook and package their food in one place. 

The startup is supported by giants in the food and tech industry, including Christopher Po of Century Pacific & Shakey’s, Lance Gokongwei of JG Summit, George Pua of Rico’s Lichen, Brian Cu of Grab, and Paulo Campos of Zalora and Kaya Founders. 

The delivery experience is Kraver’s Canteen's strongest opportunity to connect and impress customers, which explains why the startup’s putting more emphasis on the packaging. By now, customers have developed pet peeves about food deliveries, particularly when orders come in thin plastic Tupperware or sopping wet paper boxes. Packaging has become important, and Kraver’s Canteen’s latest packaging for its new brands is so top-of-the-line that you’ll be ordering more food just to hoard the Tupperware. 

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The six new Kraver’s brands launched in the Kra-Verse Food Hall will be packaged in thick black Tupperware that houses a compartment underneath where you can place special self-heating packets. Just add water to those packets in the container, and your food will heat up, promising food quality equivalent to the restaurant experience. Basically, you’re getting a mini-microwave with your food. 

“That’s where we will stand out,” said Kraver’s Canteen co-founder Eric Dee. “That’s where people will say, ‘Oh, that’s Kraver’s. Their packaging is so well-thought of.” 

Six New Brands

Six new brands will be introduced in the Kra-Verse Food Hall and made available on the Kraver’s Canteen website, GrabFood, FoodPanda, and more. As a cloud kitchen, Kraver’s has built a number of its own brands, but it stands by its mission to act as “brand builders” and help the brands that are under its umbrella. 


The latest additions are CharSilog, a “new age” silog brand; Krave, which caters to seasonal trends and comfort food addictions; I Love U Stew, a Korean joint for customers obsessed with Galbi Jim; Jok Time Lugaw, which sends jokes with every lugaw order; Gravy’d, for customers who love gravy with everything; and D. Wade Burgers, an upcoming burger joint from NBA star player Dwyane Wade. The Miami Heat legend is teaming up with Kraver’s Canteen to bring D. Wade’s signature burger to Filipino fans, which make up the second-biggest fan base of this All-Star MVP. 

If you're ready for the next evolution of dining, visit the Kra-Verse Food Hall here or order now from Grab. 

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