I Tried Mar Roxas' Pancake House Tip

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Not one to fester after his defeat in the 2016 national elections, presidential aspirant Mar Roxas has returned to private life and has become a sporadic travel blogger in the Tito persuasion. But, as with any public servant, the former Interior and Local Government Secretary just can't help but think about the good of humanity. On October 2, Roxas posted this nugget of wisdom on his Twitter page:

As big believers in the whole putting-together-two-amazing-things-to-result-to-an-even-more-amazing-thing, we tried out his tip. 

The stumbling block in Roxas' gastronomic advice is obvious: None of the ingredients you need come in a la carte. Pancake House's legendary bolognese sauce is available separately, but it's packed frozen to be thawed, heated, then enjoyed in the confines of someone's home. Order both the Spaghetti with Meat Sauce and the basic Golden Brown Waffle and ask for the sauce, butter, and syrup on the side. Put together the necessary components. 

We'd consider governance advice from the ex-Senator, but now we'd probably take culinary advice, too. The slightly buttery cake with the sweetish, savory meat sauce? Pancake House should make it available permanently. The light, airy texture also holds up nicely against the chunky tomato-laden sauce. Pancake House's waffle is admittedly, er, a blank canvas (though remarkable with the condiments), which is why it can take well to practically anything you pair it with, hence the restaurant's ridiculous amount of waffle options—cheese, peach, bacon, chocolate.  

The verdict? The Golden Brown Waffle is a great stage to highlight any topping. Bolognese sauce, especially. (Thanks, Tito Mar.) Unfortunately, the leftover spaghetti, butter, and syrup don't make quite as satisfying a combination.

See here for a list of Pancake House branches. This "taste-test" was conducted at Pancake House, Capitol Hill, Quezon City.

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