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If you've been too busy to throw a proper Christmas party or finding the perfect gift is seriously putting a damper on your mood, the best way to remind yourself to live the good life is to dive straight into as many culinary indulgences as you can. Save the restraint for 2017, and let this impressive mélange of gourmet goodies do the work for you. 

For one, be sure to savor only the tastiest and more thrilling treats this holiday season with the Divine Pleasures hamper, which comes with Domaine Mandeville Shiraz, Wild Flower Honey, and Christmas Coffee. 

Divine Pleasures (P4,995)

Domaine Mandeville Shiraz, 25 cl
Strawberry & Almond Crunch, 500 g
Wholewheat Penne, 500 g
Arrabiata Pasta Sauce, 340 g
Green Pesto, 190 g
Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, 250 ml
Virgin Olive Oil, 500 ml
Pitted Black Olives, 330 g
Christmas Coffee, 227 g
Christmas Tea, 125 g
Blackcurrant Conserve, 340 g
Curls Biscuits, 250 g
Belgian Metropolitan Biscuits, 150 g
Mini Choc Chip Cookies, 100 g
Organic Pure Green Teabags x 20
Danish Lean Ham, 454 g
Wild Flower Honey, 340 g
Diet Pink Cranberry Lemonade, 1 L


From Cherry Liqueurs and Italian Hazelnut Chocolate Spread, as well as Sparkling Clementine and Cranberry Presse, the Holiday Haven is a timely and luxurious yuletide selection that you'd be proud to send out to your loved ones. 

Holiday Haven (P5,995)

Extremely Chocolatey Milk Dark & White Chocolate Biscuits, 500 g
Christmas Pudding Biscuits, 225 g
Christmas Shortbread Mini Trees, 125 g
Christmas Gingerbread Teacakes, 110 g
Cherry Liqueurs, 225 g
Milk Selection Chocolate Box, 320 g
Swiss Chocolate Neapolitan Assortment, 250 g
Christmas Ground Coffee, 227 g
Christmas Tea, 125 g
Strawberry & Champagne, Conserve, 340 g
Italian Hazelnut Chocolate Spread, 200 g
Sparkling Clementine and Cranberry Presse

Lean back in front of the television, and when the night becomes colder all through December, slake your thirst with everything The Lavish Luxury has to offer, like Sparkling Lambrusco or some hot Cream of Chicken soup on a relaxing evening. 

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Lavish Luxury (P3,495)

Sparkling Lambrusco, 75 cl
Fusilli, 500 g
Tomato & Mascarpone Pasta Sauce, 340 g
Cream of Chicken Soup, 390 g
Minced Beef, 400 g
Gold Rich Roast Instant Coffee, 100 g
Gold Teabags, 250 g
Smooth Peanut Butter, 340 g
Belgian Metropolitan Biscuits, 150 g
Extremely Chocolatey Milk Chocolate Round Biscuits, 200 g
Milk Chocolate Teacakes, 280 g
Swiss Milk Chocolate with Fruit & Nut, 150 g
American Ginger Ale, 1L

Any self-respecting pasta fanatic should make a last-minute addition to their wishlist with the Italian Escape, featuring all the culinary essentials that will bring the authentic Italian food to life.

Italian Escape (P1,995)

Rosso Di Puglia, 25 cl
Italian Penne, 500 g
Macaroni, 500 g
Tomato & Basil Pasta Sauce, 340 g
Red Pesto, 190 g
Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, 250 ml
Virgin Olive Oil, 500 ml
Italian Torinesi Breadsticks, 125 g

No gluten? No problem. Take the time to relax and replenish your energy with this healthful bounty of Gluten-Free Delight, guaranteed to give you a rich and guilt-free experience. 


Gluten-Free Delights (P1,995)

Made without Wheat Penne, 500 g
Made without Wheat Porridge Oats, 320 g
Gluten Free Lemon, Shortbread Biscuit, 175 g
Gluten Free Cheese Puffs, 100 g
Gluten Free Lightly Salted Tortilla, 175 g
Made Without Dairy Dark Chocolate 50% Cocoa, 85 g

There's something for every health nut in your life as well. The Wellness Collection (P1,995) is perfect for those who love themselves too much to give in to the holiday temptations. 

The Wellness Collection (P1,995)

4 Grain Fruit, Nut and Seed Muesli, 750 g
Apple, Sultana & Cinnamon Porridge, 400 g
Smooth Orange Juice, 1 L
Organic Green Tea with Lemon Infusion, 50 g
Cream of Mushroom Soup, 400 g
Cranberry & Raspberry Breakfast Biscuit, 180 g
Made Without Dairy Dark Chocolate 50% Cocoa, 85 g

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