Burger King Pushes Rotting, Moldy Whopper in New Ad

The fast food giant's bold, albeit bizarre, ad campaign marks a commitment to remove preservatives from it signature burger.
IMAGE Burger King

Opening shot: a Whopper in beautifully pristine condition. Over the course of a 40-second time lapse, we witness Burger King’s signature sandwich decayed into moldy husk. The new ad campaign from the fast food giant presents this bizarre video that sumptuously celebrates the natural process of food rotting.   

A paradoxical tagline: “The beauty of real food is that it gets ugly.” The commercial declares Burger King’s proud commitment to remove artificial preservatives from the Whopper, following the trend in the fast food industry to become more health conscious.

Burger King’s competitors, such as McDonalds’, have also made similar plans to remove artificial preservatives from its burgers. Especially among millennials, there is a heightened awareness of health risks posed by such chemicals and a greater aversion to artificial ingredients.

The Moldy Whopper ad campaign is a bold marketing move which seeks to reimagine the fast food corporation as more connected to nature through its commitment to organic ingredients. Though it may seem a risky strategy to showcase an unappealing image of their prized burger. Time will tell if the commercial will succeed in rebranding Burger King for the health-conscious, millennial consumer, or if it simply ruins one’s appetite for burgers.

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