Oy! Croqueta is a Perfect Marriage of Spanish and Filipino Flavors

Lechon paella croquetas, anyone?
IMAGE OY! Croqueta

If you love Spanish tapas, you’re probably familiar with croquetas—those delightfully crunchy deep-fried breadcrumb rolls filled with creamy bechamel sauce and ham or bacalao. And you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t know and love paella. But you’ve probably never heard of the paella croqueta, an ingenious combination of two quintessentially Spanish dishes.

Xavi Rovira, Jonas Pons, and Julen Aierda

At Oy! Croqueta, Spanish entrepreneurs Jonas Pons, Xavi Rovira, and Julen Aierdia are taking things one step further by infusing the paella croqueta with Filipino flavors like lechon and adobong pusit. There’s also a vegetarian croqueta, for those who are avoiding meat.


Lechon Croqueta

Adobong Pusit Croqueta

Gulay Croqueta

It all started when the three friends decided to follow in the footsteps of their predecessors, who sailed the seas in their galleons to look for new worlds. Upon visiting the Philippines, they fell in love not just with our pristine beaches and warm, happy-go-lucky people, but with our cuisine as well.

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Nutella Croqueta

Matcha Croqueta

It was then that they got the idea to create a Pinoy adaptation of their family’s secret recipe for paella croqueta. Knowing our current fascination with all things Japanese, they created teriyaki croqueta too. If you’re craving the classic Spanish croqueta, they have a chorizo variant. You can enjoy the croquetas as snacks or meals. And for dessert, they’ve created matcha and nutella poppers. With Oy! Croqueta, every bite is a journey through flavors.


The Oy! Croqueta kiosk is located at SM Mall of Asia's South Arcade. 

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