10 Potluck Food Ideas That People Will Actually Eat

Attending parties? What you can bring from drinks to dessert.
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So it's that time of year, eh? Your friends, workspaces, communities are all sending out invites to your annual holiday get-together. Unless you’ve a hostest with the mostest among you who will just do everything, including the nibbles and libations, it’s probably a potluck. And you're probably already wondering what potluck food you're bringing this year.

Let’s face it. Sometimes that can be a pain, because you don’t want to bring the same stuff year in and year out. Well, friend, let me help you here. As my humble little gift to you, here’s a list of things I’m thinking about bringing to my own potlucks parties.

1| Dranks (assorted)

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Well, we all need this, right? Go buy an assortment to make sure there’s something for everyone. I highly recommend Three Hens Wine (they only have red or white). It’s a very drinkable wine, easy to love, and really built for being on your table all the time, with a nice price that won’t break the bank.


Pedro Endless Summer Wheat Ale is brilliant with food when ice cold. For the teetotalers, a gingery Stanford & Shaw Ginger Ale (or even Butterbeer for the kids!). And for those who like it healthy, some kombucha from Boochamama

Three Hens Wine is at;; and @boochamama on Instagram.

2| 8 Treasures Chicken from Wok With Mom

Photo by FACEBOOK/ @WokWithMom.

This is one of my favorites online. Walk With Mom is run by an 80-year-old grandmother and her daughter, essentially on social media. Order this specialty 8 Treasures Chicken way in advance. It’s worth it: a whole deboned chicken stuffed with the tastiest rice studded with…eight treasures. There are mushrooms, sausages, bits of liver, chestnuts, and more. Try it with some garlic chili on the side.

For orders, contact Wok With Mom at 0917-866-3562 or through

3| Curry Crabs or Crabs with Sotanghon from China Mommy

Photo by INSTAGRAM/ @chinamommyph.
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If you’re feeling good and generous, this should grace your party. China Mommy, which was included on Esquire's Essential Crab List That Will Keep You Cracking, consists of two young guns cooking their mom’s crab recipes. The curry crab is amazing, especially if you pour the sauce over steamed rice. The crab with sotanghon is equally indulgent and delicious: the essence of crab permeates the noodles. The entire dish is super fragrant and full of crab flavor. It comes at a price because they’re big crabs, but definitely worth every centavo. 

For orders, contact China Mommy at 0917-514-8540 or send a message to @chinamommyph on Instagram.

4| Ham from Mister Delicious

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Esquire favorite Mister D knows his way with a smoker. His ham isn’t of the salty Chinese variety we often see around here, nor is it of the Spanish variety jamon. It is a purist’s ham, tender and moist. I eat it with mustardand it goes perfectly with Hawaiian rolls or pan de sal! Pro-tip: Mister Delicious now has a Whole Leg of Ham Dinner Kit!


5| A Paartee Tray from Kashmir

Photo by

Here’s something fun for the cool kids who don’t want to bring the obvious: a paartee tray filled with goodies from Kashmir, which was included in Esquire's list of best Indian restaurants! Bring some spice to the paartee with assorted samosas, kebabs, chicken tandoori, and flat bread. Bring some spice to the paartee!

Festejo Building, 816 Arnaiz Avenue, Makati; (02) 844-4924 or

6| Paella from Yuan’s Paella

Photo by

Because paella is always good for a get-together, and this one is done well. It’s delicious and feeds a squad!

7| Dim Sum from Dim Zum

I almost didn’t want to share this because it's my secret weapon. Dim Zum is a small stall outside Theater Mall in Greenhills. You can go there and get frozen dim sum to steam at home (it even has its own chili oil). It has a lot of varieties, so get a bunch. Every single time I serve this to guests, they enjoy it and so do I. So now you know. 

(+63) 925-834-6986

8| Snacks (assorted)


Photo by INSTAGRAM/ @@mamaempanada.

Whoever said you have to bring something huge to the party? Small snacks work out too. Bring an assortment and make everyone happy! I love the original chicken empanada of Mama EmpanadaMemz Chicharon goes so well with beer. And there’s an assortment of chips available out there from small artisans: fun stuff like barbecue root chips from THC Truly Homemade Chips, kimchi chips from Oh So Healthy, and Bicol Express chips from Crackle Snacks!;;; @mamaempanada and @cracklesnacks on Instagram

9| Cold Cuts Platter (assorted)

Photo by INSTAGRAM @berrysdeliph @theb.a.dbaker/PINKIESFARM.COM/MALAGOSFARMHOUSE.COM/INSTAGRAM @tierradeespana.

This is for the posh kids who like wine (but there's no shame in downing these with Coke!). Make a platter using local charcuterie: Mini Cheese Sausages from Berry’s Deli, lomoa thick cut cured porkfrom Tierra de España, cheese from Malagos Farms, sourdough from one of my new faves The B.A.D Baker, and fresh butter from Pinkie’s Farm.

ADVERTISEMENT - CONTINUE READING BELOW; Instagram @berrysdeliph, @tierradeespana@theb.a.dbaker

10| Finishing Blow (assorted)


Photo by INSTAGRAM @freshbatchcoffee/@notorioustreats/FACEBOOK @SugarBeePH/@dimpyskitchen.

Because sweet endings are life. Make hot chocolate using Any Way Chocolate from Risa Chocolate or make some coffee using terrific beans from Fresh Batch Coffee and serve with assorted dessertsmy newest discovery Shorty Dulce de Leche cookies from Notorious Treats, the lightest ensaymada from Dimpy’s, sugar-free carrot cake from Sugarbee (it’s good!), and ice cream too: Kalabasa Coconut from Fog City Creamery, Sapin Sapin from Sebastian’s, and Salted Caramel Coconut Sugar from Merry Moo!


Risa Chocolate is at The Grid, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Makati,;;; Instagram @freshbatchcoffee, @notorioustreat;;;

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