This Is Where You Should Buy Organic Food in Manila

Real Food is your go-to for real food.
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The terms locally sourced, sustainable eating, and farm-to-table might seem like buzzwords that have been thrown around for a while, but Alabang-based food store Real Food continues to prove that eating mindfully isn’t a trendy diet or a fad. It’s a lifestyle.

This South-based shop quietly opened its doors in lifestyle hub Molito in 2016, and since then it’s been bringing together a community—farmers, suppliers, and consumers—through the love of real food. More than just a “healthy” shop, Real Food is a community-based store with a desire to help make conscious eating a part of every Filipino’s lifestyle. Initially started by Nicole Fandiño—and with the help of her three like-minded partners, Honey Almendral, Bea Lhuillier, and Katrina Mañosa—the group focused on building their store and curating items that they truly loved and believed in.


Real Food goes by the mantra that food is medicine, and you’ll understand why when you see the various items that fill their shelves. The ladies behind Real Food make sure to provide their customers with only the freshest fruits and vegetables from legitimately organic farms; sustainable seafood; organic chickens and eggs; grass-fed beef; and nutrient-filled snacks sans refined sugar. They take pride in carrying products that are in its purest form, meaning no artificial preservatives or items with ridiculously long shelf lives. In fact, many of their wares are preserved naturally and their sweet treats are sweetened only with coconut sugar or dates.

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“My [Real Food] partners and I have always been healthy eaters, and we just want to provide our families with food that we can trust—whether it’s healthy snacks for the kids or smarter breakfast choices,” says Mañosa. “What’s great about Real Food is that you can easily find these things—all local, too—and not have to worry about what’s in them.” It’s easy to feel reassured by a place like Real Food, especially when its suppliers care just as much about their mantra, too. Suppliers like Risa Chocolates tweaked their chocolate recipe just for Real Food, using coconut sugar instead of white sugar for their chocolate bars, while Made by Max’s now provides the shop with an unsweetened almond butter option—resulting in fantastic, good-for-you products.


Every item in the store has its own character, yet everything seamlessly blends together. The products range from protein powders to unsweetened banana chips; kombucha to cold-pressed juices; gooseberries and local raspberries (called sampinit); and even vegan ice cream and frozen pizzas—all of it effortlessly falling under Real Food’s identity and what they stand for. Each unique product makes sense.


As more Filipinos continue to become mindful eaters and consumers, it’s comforting to know that we can rely on a place like Real Food and feel secure in every product that they carry. Real Food teaches the everyday consumer to understand, appreciate, and enjoy ingredients for what they actually are. It doesn’t get more real than that.

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