Restaurants Are Struggling. Here's How You Can Help in the Time of COVID-19 and Closures

Restaurants are scraping by.

The onslaught of COVID-19 isn't just attacking people's health. The economy has been beaten down so much, it's practically on its knees: Malls have all but shut down and, in a country where most businesses are installed in malls, this creates a domino effect. Restaurants are particularly struggling. Dining is a social activity and, with social distancing protocols in place (not that all Filipinos are complying) and staying in encouraged, it's not exactly the smartest move to be galavanting in a public space. 

Despite the industry nearly at a standstill, chefs and restaurateurs still have overheads to pay, staff to be responsible for, and mouths to feed. Many have decided to close until the foreseeable future, but many are also soldiering on. Despite the pinch, they've managed to stretch their resources to help medical frontliners through efforts like food programs. 

The restaurant industry, which has given the country so much acclaim in the past decade, needs your help. And even when you're just at home going through the Netflix catalog, you can.

1| Order delivery.

Roughly 90 percent of restaurants in Metro Manila have already decided to shut down (the lockdown has affected many establishments), but some entrepreneurs stay open albeit with a skeletal force. Hotlines and Grab Food aside, many restaurants have started making their menus available for delivery. Everyone, from Josh Boutwood's upscale Helm to the Lorenzanas' Wildflour to JP Anglo's Sarsa, has already begun serving to-go options that may be picked up or delivered via the many shipping options available. Nope, you don't have to go through this quarantine subsisting on fast food. 


2| Buy gift certificates. 

If your fridge is already loaded with food and you can't physically order more, try buying gift certificates instead. Your gift certificate purchase will help restaurateurs with immediate cash flow and you can cash in on your vouchers when the climate starts to settle down. 

3| If you're a lessor, have a heart.

Malls will be waiving rental fees for tenants during the quarantine. If you're a landlord, try to meet your lessee halfway. Everyone has to make money. When COVID-19 ends, it's unlikely that the economy will be what it was before, so it's important to maintain a good working relationship with each other.

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