10 Restaurant Names You're Probably Pronouncing Wrong

Sometimes, the name is just complicated. Sometimes, it's just you.
ILLUSTRATOR Jasrelle Serrano

What is in a name? Gone are the days when someone could name their restaurant Mr. Smiley's and everyone would be happy. With the realization that the name sets the tone of a restaurant, we now get something like Le Cafe Curieux to help us know that it serves French or that a place called Test Kitchen would always churn out newer and newer concoctions. With all the cuisines popping in, plus the need to be unique, restaurant nomenclature hasn't been easy—pronunciation, especially. Seriously, when a restaurant spelled "FOO'D" is really "foo-dough," you can't be too sure of anything anymore. 

1| Mecha Uma

(Incorrect): meh-ka ooh-ma

(Correct): meh-cha ooh-ma

2| Locavore

(Incorrect): loh-kah-voh-reh

(Correct): low-kah-vor


3| Spätzle

(Incorrect): spat-zel

(Correct): shpaets-leh

4| Providore

(Incorrect): proh-vih-doh-reh

(Correct): proh-vih-dor

5| Duck & Buvette

(Incorrect): duck and buh-vey

(Correct): duck and boo-vet

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6| Brotzeit

(Incorrect): brot-zeyt

(Correct): brot-tsait

7| Bondi & Bourke

(Incorrect): bon-dee and bork

(Correct): bon-dai and berk

8| FOO'D

(Incorrect): food or food-dee

(Correct): foo-dough


9| Xiu

(Incorrect): shoo

(Correct): show

10| Eric Kayser

(Incorrect): eric kei-ser

(Correct): eric khai-zeur


Restaurant owners and native French and German speakers were consulted in the making of this list.

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