The Salted Egg Chips for Those Who Aren't Easily Impressed

This trend is here to stay.
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One could argue that the salted egg craze has already reached its peak and it’s on the way out. It’s been on everything: from shrimp to cookies to buns to dumplings to chicharon... God save our clogging arteries. But let us revisit the version that started this madness in the first place: salted egg potato chips.

Truth be told, I’ve never been that impressed with the variants I’ve tried. I’ve tried the ones from Singapore and a few of the popular versions available locally. But they always left me unsatisfied. Sometimes the chips would be slightly chewy, the salted egg mix penetrating the crispness of the chip. Other times, it was good but there just wasn’t enough of the salted egg flavoring covering the chip. And part of the enjoyment is that magic dust that you (and admit it, you do) lick off your fingers with supreme satisfaction.

But then came Crisp of Chips and my world changed. It’s one of those great serendipitous discoveries: Bloomberg anchor, JP Ong a.k.a. my best friend’s little brother, gave us a pack to try. One of the studio’s cameramen and his wife are the duo behind this surprisingly memorable brand in a veritable sea of salted egg chips.


The chips aren’t flimsy fried flakes: they pack a satisfying crunch. And the chip to dust ratio: excellent. It’s just salty enough without getting you too thirsty and there’s a small hint of sweetness that keeps your hand dipping into the bag. By the time you’ve reached the dregs—and trust me, you will hit bottom sooner than you think—you begin an almost desperate scrape across the insides of the bag. I urge you to keep your impulse to scoop it straight into your mouth at bay. My friend and I have done some research and have found that the magic dust is excellent as: pizza topping, congee mix (the spicy variant of the chips is excellent for this), mac and cheese topper, and odder still, ice cream topping (I’ve tried it with mantecado and corn ice cream and it was weirdly good). Of course the easiest hack would be as a French fry flavoring. Don’t be surprised if you catch yourself ordering McDo fries at midnight.

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Best thing of all? The deliver via Grab. These chips can be in your hungry hands within a few hours!


For orders, e-mail [email protected] or call 0928-594-6649.

Main image is a generic photo of salted egg chips.

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