Stop wasting time deciding where to eat and visit SaSa

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“Let's go out for some grub.”

“Sure! What do you feel like?”

~ crickets ~

This always happens; to you, to me, to your mama, to your uncle twice removed, to the friend you haven't seen since you both raced plywood sleds down the driveway, to that friend's cousin who you've only heard weird and fascinating stories about—there's always a prolonged “um” following the question about where to eat.


First of all, we are complex animals that don't eat solely for physical sustenance—we also eat for enjoyment and happiness. That's why each one of us has a different interpretation of what comfort food is; and that's why when you meet someone who likes similar dishes, you immediately become friends. Secondly, because of years of exposure to different flavors, our taste buds have evolved to require different things at different times to feel satisfaction. The proliferation of restaurants with foreign cuisines? That's a direct result of the human palate becoming more worldly and, in a way, demanding.

Though it can be argued that our ancient ancestors preferred mastodon steak tartare on some days and shark (yes, they're that old) ceviche on others, modern man is spoiled for food options—and this can be paralyzing when the time comes to decide what to eat.

Thankfully, modern food concepts have also evolved to service this dining dilemma. The problem of where to eat, based on “what you feel like,” is taken care of by restaurants that adeptly feature and showcase multiple flavor profiles. We can all be thankful for restaurants such as these when being indecisive about where to eat becomes crippling.

One such restaurant, Sasa Asian Cuisine, ably takes care of your ASEAN flavor cravings, as well as some Korean, Chinese, and Japanese ones, too. And because it's Pinoy through and through, a little bit of our local flavor creeps into every dish, resulting in unique interpretations of foreign favorites. That, and it takes care of people who can't agree on what to eat, since there's a little bit of everything for everyone at SaSa.  

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Asahi Prawns

Hainan Roast Chicken


Chicken Chorizo Rice

On the same menu are items like Asahi Prawns, Chicken Chorizo Rice, Hainan Roast Chicken, Lo-han Chai, and Laksa—clearly illustrating the restaurant's “shotgun” approach when it comes to catering to a wide clientele. The initial thought would be that a restaurant with such a hodgepodge, jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none identity might spread itself out too thinly when it comes to crafting great dishes. But the minds behind SaSa have successfully crafted a menu that is not only flavorful, but also faithful to the mother country it's from.

Fried Yasai Itame

Lo-Han Chai

Mango Sticky Rice

There are a few gems on the SaSa menu, too: like the Fried Yasai Itame—sort of like a deconstructed lumpia, garnished with bonito flakes and seasoned with Japanese mayonnaise and teriyaki sauce; and the Braised Beef with Cheddar, which is exactly as the name describes. Umami flavors of cheese and seasoned beef coincide in a creamy dish that's rich, a bit heavy, easy to eat. On the dessert menu, SaSa is proud of its Mango Sticky Rice, also available in ice cream form along with other Asian-inspired flavors such as Curry Maple, Kaya Toast, and Wasabi. That's a refreshing end to a meal that, thankfully, can cure being indecisive about where to dine out.


Eating is the best. Being indecisive about where to eat when you're hungry? Not cool. Having restaurants like SaSa that eliminate the dilemma about where and what to eat? Very cool.

SaSa is at B1-010, Basement Level, Estancia Mall, Oranbo, Pasig City.

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