Scott Burger Is Back and It's Just Like It Was in the Good Old Days

Leveled-up throwback goodness.

They were everywhere back then, with about a hundred burger stand branches scattered through Metro Manila and some outlying areas, serving up their burgers to those looking for a quick snack on the road. Scott Burger was established by Gregory Ty in 1985 with the first outlet established along España in Manila, based on his years of experience in the food industry, particularly with diners in the US.

The brand, which he named after his oldest son, blew up in 1991, when he started a concept that we are all familiar by now todaythe buy-one, take-one burger promo. Soon lines started filing up with hungry folks, especially students, who saw it as a super tipid meal option that can stretch their allowance.

Millennials who may not know about the Scott Burger brand can ask just about any of their titos and titas who studied in the U-Belt about it and they will remember patronizing it or at least trying it out.

As one certified tito put it: “Thinking about it takes you back to the time when you and your barkada would hang out on the curbside somewhere in Sampaloc, drinking beer out of a pitcher and singing to the accompaniment of a guitarbecause back then, there would always be someone in your barkada who knows how to play. Thinking about it makes you think of biting into a cheap burger with an Eraserheads song playing in the background.”

Well, like the Eheads, Scott Burger left us. But, as in the case of the musical Ang Huling El Bimbo, it is back and bringing in a huge wave of nostalgia. Of course, it has had to make a few adjustments to keep up with the times.


As Lloyd Peter Tee explains, it also kept up with the market. “The students who used to enjoy the buy-one, take-one burgers are now working and most have their own families. This is why we conceptualized our relaunching to cater to them. We still bring the taste that they are familiar with, but now, we have put it into a space where they can enjoy it in a more comfortable environment with their families and friends.”

This more comfortable environment is located at the Uptown Mall in BGC, near the cinemas. What makes it even more fun for diners is that it took elements of Scott Burger’s history and incorporated those into the design. With the absence of a Tardis, what better way to travel back in time than on the LRT?

Lloyd’s better half, beauty queen/architect Shamcey Supsup—who is also responsible for the interiors of their successful Filipino food restaurants Pedro n Coi—came up with a way to hearken back to the time where there were Scott Burger branches at all the LRT stations. At the BGC branch, the booths are designed to look like you are eating inside the train, with the clever murals depicting what one can see on an actual LRT ride. These awaken memories of youth, even in Lloyd, who recalls moving from one train stop to another with his mother as they checked on the burger stand branches. “I remember grabbing two or three burgers and eating them along the way,” he grins.

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The burgers themselves have leveled up. Instead of the street-stand patty, it is now made with Wagyu beef. They kept the original recipe, as shared by Gregory Tyor “Uncle Greg”, as Lloyd happens to be his nephewbut with the msg-laden seasonings replaced with Wagyu beef fat by Chef Sharwin Tee. Even the buns have changed, where one now gets the patty sandwiched in a more solid brioche. 

There are other burger options too. Aside from the Original Scott Burger (Classic Wagyu Beef Patty melting in Miso Butter and served with the signature Scott Sauce), there is a TLC with its layers of Tomato, Lettuce, and Cheese, and the Cheesy Lover Burger (2-premium cheese mix, Miso Butter, and signature Scott Sauce).

For something that is definitely different, they also have a China Town Burger that is slathered with a savory hoisin sauce and apple juice combo, then topped with pork floss; the Good Morning Burger (Beef Patty with Miso Butter and Egg Salad); and the Big Bang, the Korean-inspired burger that comes with housemade kimchi slaw.


This reboot kept the original recipe, with improvements by Chef Sharwin Tee.

In keeping with the times, they also offer chicken wings, ranging from classic Original Rub and Hot Buffalo Wings, to Cheesy Kaiju, Apple Hoisin, Tangy Lemon, and Honey Soy variants. There are also Carolyn Sexy Chips that come with a choice of sour cream or barbecue dip. 


Though they don’t have the Buy-One, Take-One offer, they have leveled it up as well to make better business sense: They have boxes that go for Buy-6, Take-6, for larger groups such as families and barkadas. They also offer the convenience of delivering orders inside the Uptown cinemas. All you have to do is place your order at the counter and give them your theater’s assigned seat.

Scott Burger is at 3rd Floor Cinema area, Uptown. Mall, BGC Taguig City

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