2,300 Burgers Were Sold on Shake Shack Manila's First Day

Shake Shack Manila burgers are the third cheapest in the world.
IMAGE Ryan Ong

After 10 months of waiting, Shake Shack Philippines finally opened at Central Square BGC yesterday, May 10, to a hungry crowd.

The line started as early as 10:30 p.m. the previous night and snaked all the way around the mall (which opened at 11 a.m.). The first 100 people in the crowd received Shake Shack sunglasses and a bottle of Shack20 as Rhada Cuadrado and Jett Pangan treated the audience to a Shakeoke mini-concert before the Shack Bitethe franchise's version of a ribbon-cutting.

First in line: Shake Shack first-timer Carmina Manalo endured nearly 12 hours of waiting for a bite. IMAGE: Ryan Ong

The line outside Central Square, 30th Street. IMAGE: Ryan Ong

First arrivals IMAGE: Ryan Ong

According to an article by Town and Country, 556 people were in line by 1:13 p.m. Clamor for the burgers grew, however, and Shake Shack lost count of how many customers they served after 1,300.

By end of day, at 11 p.m., Shake Shack sold 2,300 burgers.

Shake Shack Philippines is the chain's 14th international location and interestingly the third cheapest, based on the prices of its signature ShackBurger. 

  • Turkey (18 Turkish Lira): PHP 157.01
  • Russia (275 Russian Rubble): PHP 220.43
  • Philippines: PHP 250
  • Oman (2 Omani Riyal): PHP 271.10
  • USA ($5.69): PHP 296.99
  • South Korean (6.9 Won): PHP 306.46
  • Japan (680 Yen): PHP 322.82
  • Hong Kong (50 HKD): PHP 332.50
  • Kuwait (2 Kuwaiti Dinar): PHP 343.11
  • Bahrain (2.5 Bahraini Dinar): PHP346.05
  • Singapore (9.20 SGD): PHP 352.33
  • Qatar (25 Qatar Riyal): PHP 358.38
  • Saudi Ariabia (26 Saudi Riyal): PHP 361.85
  • United Arab Emirates (26 UAE Dirham): PHP 369.46
  • United Kingdom (5.50 Pounds): PHP 373.08 

Exchange rate to PHP as of May 11, 2019; 6 a.m.

Shake Shack Philippines opens 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily.

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