Here's an Easy-to-Follow Sourdough Bread Recipe

Have patience. This takes a while.

Skipped the bread-making stage of the quarantine? Well, let us tell you that there's still no time like the present to learn and try your hand at making sourdough bread. Save it for a long weekend or, you know, in a between working from home (we won't snitch). Here's an easy-to-follow sourdough bread recipe.



  • 804 g. white flour
  • 50 g. rye flour
  • 26 g. whole wheat flour
  • 600 g. water
  • 22 g. fine sea salt
  • 216 g. starter or levain


1| Combine all ingredients in a large bowl.

2| Rest mixture for one hour.

3| Do stretch and folds four times, every 30 minutes for the span of two hours.

Fold 1
Rest 30 mins
Fold 2
Rest 30 mins
Fold 3
Rest 30 mins
Fold 4
Rest 30 mins

4| Coil and fold twice in the span of our hour

Coil and fold
Rest 30 mins
Coil and fold
Rest 30 mins

5| Pre-shape the dough.

6| Rest the dough for 20 minutes.

7| Shape, place in banneton, cover with a plastic bag, and leave in the refrigerator to proof overnight.

8| Preheat Dutch oven in an oven set to 270 degrees Celsius.

9| Tip bread onto parchment paper, and score the bread.

10| Bake bread for 25 minutes with the lid on.

11| Take off the lid, lower temp to 230 degrees Celsius and bake for 15 minutes.

12| Cool for two hours before slicing, then serve.

Watch below as Dr. Gregory Germar guides you through a sourdough bread recipe.

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