The Caloric Cost of the COVID-19 Quarantine

What happens when you're stuck at home worrying about the pandemic, about your job, about what sweatshirt to wear tomorrow? You eat. And eat. And eat. Then you worry about having to go to the grocery store to replenish all that you've consumed. It's a vicious cycle. Overeating is apparently an offshoot of the quarantine. It's caused by the combination of stress, idleness, and just the sheer vicinity and accessibility to food. The latter's become especially appealing with all the restaurants making themselves available for delivery.

We're not telling anyone to be productive when you don't want to be. Eat, if that makes you feel better. We're certainly lucky to have the luxury of ordering in and, well, having food in general. But we feel it's our moral responsibility to let you know what you're putting in your body.

Jollibee Chickenjoy

You might be patting yourself on the back for frying Chickenjoy in the comfort of your own home, but your favorite happy fried chicken is a little high on the calories, and that excludes the x cups of rice, fries, and gravyall of which are superfluous but also necessary.

Chickenjoy (thigh) - 380 calories

Chickenjoy (drumstick) - 220 calories

Chickenjoy (breast) - 320 calories

Chicken with Jollibee Spaghetti - 850 to 950 calories


Shakey's Pizza

Two weeks ago, Shakey's Pizza decided to make itself available again to its many locked-down fans. It's not a complete menu, but it certainly ticks off all your favorites. Shakey's Japan has even released the recipe for mojos, so you might have been indulging in some deep-fried potato goodness.

Shakey's Special (thin-crust slice) - 195 calories

Mojos (one serving) - 216 calories

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Mang Inasal

Yet another restaurant offering ready-to-cook versions of its specialties is Jollibee subsidiary Mang Inasal, the Bacolod-esque chain famous for its grilled pecho and unlimited rice. While the chicken itself will hardly put a dent in your calorie allowance, we can't say the same about all the fixins. We're not exactly sure if staying at home and having a full rice cooker at your disposal is a good thing or a bad thing in this case.

Mang Inasal (skewer) - 165 calories

Atsuete oil (one tabelspoon) - 120 calories

Rice (one cup) - 200 calories


Dunkin' Donuts

If there's anything positive about the quarantine, it's that we've become much more appreciative of things we always overlooked: like that corner donut shop we walk past every day. Munchkins never tasted this good.

Munchkin (one piece) - 70 calories

Jelly Donut (one piece) - 270 calories

Glazed Donut (one piece) - 260 calories

Choco Butternut (one piece) - 210 calories


Everyone always took Chinese food for granted because, well, it's always there, but since the lockdown and restricted delivery services, Chinese fast food just became such a lifesaver. Hence, Chowking, the quick answer to Chinese food cravings.

Fried Chicken (one piece) - 216 calories

Siopao - 386 calories

Chao Fan - 607 calories

Beef Wanton Noodle - 390 calories

Halo-Halo - 153 calories


Yet another comfort to ease these challenging times, J.Co recently reopened again to the happiness of donut lovers whose cravings can't be satisfied by any other brand.

Al Capone - 250 calories

Heaven Berry - 300

Avocado DiCaprio - 280

Source: My Fitness Pal, Livestrong, Calorie King

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