These Ice Cream Delights Are For The Single Or Brokenhearted (Or Both)

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IMAGE Toto Labrador

For the recently—or perpetually—single, February causes unwanted anxiety. As soon as overly saccharine love songs fill the radio and heart-shaped anything and everything come out in the market, your singlehood becomes more emphasized. 

Dreading the 14th already? Poor you, but don’t fret.

Sebastian’s, famed for their innovative ice cream flavors, gives you four reasons to celebrate singlehood this happy hearts month. That’s four ice cream flavors to ease you through all the worries, questions, and confusions! 

Ian Carandang, the genius behind Sebastian’s Ice Cream, launched his first Valentine collection in 2014. “It started with my friend Carlo Vergara, the comics artist and playwright. He messaged me and said your next bestseller flavor will be called ‘matinong boyfriend.’ He told me that October or November and I saved it for Valentine’s.”

Since then, Ian has come out with a collection every year that appeals to every single soul out there. “The whole point of this is that all the other shops will be aiming for the ones in love, the couples. Me, I’m going for the singles.”



Smart move for Carandang! People have been clamoring for his Valentine’s flavors since then. 2018 is no different: “I treat it like a fashion line—the names are the same but the flavors change. If the flavor does really well, it usually comes back.”

Two of the most popular flavors are the Matinong Boyfriend and the Matinong Girlfriend. “Matinong Boyfriend is aimed towards girls or guys who like guys. The one consistent thing about Matinong Boyfriend is there’s a fruit aspect and emphasis of finesse and balance. In the past, it’s been raspberry and chocolate or passion fruit sans rival,” shares Ian. The 2018 version has a sweet cream base mixed with luscious strawberry sorbet. The fruity delight is also generously strewn with stripes of pound cake. It’s practically Japanese strawberry shortcake in ice cream form.

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The Matinong Girlfriend has always been more outlandish, inspired by Epic Meal Time creations. “It’s aimed for guys looking for girls or girls looking for girls. In the past, I’ve put Cheetos, chicharon, and potato chips. This year, its dark chocolate with potato chips that have been dipped in a bittersweet-salted chocolate shell.” The addition of a burnt sugar-marshmallow crème ribbon allows for cohesion among the flavors. 

For the recently single, two flavors will tickle your fancy—and reflect your current state of affairs. There’s Closure, the painful reality you’re bound to accept at some point. You might just get that via a ginger tea ice cream infused with lemongrass and orange peel and sweetened with local honey. “The inspiration has always been wellness, tranquility. The others have chunks and swirls, this one is just a uniform base. It’s really smooth and calming for the palate and the soul.” Exactly what you need, yes?



IMAGE Toto Labrador

And there’s the last flavor. “I have a cousin, Toto Carandang, who was going through something. He kind of inspired me, so I wanted to give him closure. And he had so many unresolved issues,” shares Ian. And the perfect remedy for Unresolved Issues? Ampalaya sorbet with candied ampalaya. “It’s unchanging, no progress, no growth. Ganun pa rin. Ayaw mag let go, ayaw mag move on.” The bitterness is just undeniable with this one!

Lovebirds need not get jealous, as the new Sebastian’s outlet in Vertis North offers more than just scoops for the single. “We’re not just a scooping station. We have grilled sandwiches, ice cream soda floats, hot chocolates, milkshakes, special sundaes, and dipped banana split,” adds Ian.

But really, the best part about being single is not having to share any of these with anyone else. Options, options, options—that’s Sebastian’s gift for all you single men and women this February!


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