This Filipino Restaurant in Texas is Telling the World About Filipino Humor

Joke time.

First-generation Filipinos in Houston Mark Pascual and Giovan Chupan believed that it was only a matter of time before Filipino food made it to the mainstream. With this hunch and some entrepreneurial experience, they opened Be More Pacific, a food truck, in 2011. Six years later and with Filipino food famous everywhere, the pair have set up an actual brick-and-mortar shop to celebrate the Filipino dining experience.

But there's more to that experience than kare-kare and sinigang (both of which are on the menu, along with other musts like sisig, lumpia, and ube ice cream). There's camaraderiethey have kamayan boodles every tuesday night—and humor, which Be More Pacific has a lot of, painted all over their walls

A little obvious, a little corny, but definitely funny or, rather, punny. Here are some of them:


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When you don't have that quintessential joker tito at the table, Be More Pacific's walls have you covered.

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