This Guy Stalked A Gardenia Truck To Buy A Loaf Of Bread

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If you were ever the designated person to do groceries during the enhanced community quarantine, you would know that one of the aisles that quickly gets emptied out is the bread section. You would be lucky to find a loaf of bread on the shelf, and even luckier to find the bread aisles fully stocked. For those who are unlucky, you could resort to the highly unlikely plan of chasing a Gardenia truck. That's exactly what a man just did. 

On March 29, Fung Yu, who lives nearby Blumentritt in Sta. Cruz, Manila, had a hard time buying a loaf of bread during his weekly grocery runs. He wanted to buy bread for his 80-year old dad who wakes up early at around 5:30 a.m. every day for breakfast. Gardenia's soft bread is his preference. Fung, on the other hand, likes to toast bread with a slather of strawberry jelly, peanut butter, hotdog, or meatloaf.

Photo by Fung Yu

As Fung was about to go home from the supermarket without a loaf of Gardenia on hand, he went through his normal route and passed by the recently renovated Jones Bridge in Binondo. There he spotted a red and blue Gardenia truck, 50 meters ahead of him. He thought to himself, "That van must be doing its delivery. It definitely should stop somewhere."

He realized at that point that what he needed to do was to stalk the Gardenia truck and wait where the dropoff would be.

After a few minutes of trailing the Gardenia truck, it finally made a stop at a convenience store and he saw cases of bread being unloaded and brought inside. Fung parked his car as fast as he could and went inside the convenience store. He grabbed a pack of Gardenia and made a beeline for the counter and paid for it. Fung noticed, "There were already two customers paying for their bread!"

Photo by Fung Yu
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Fung shared this COVID-19 tale on his Facebook account, accompanied by a photo of a pack of Gardenia bread with a date tag that says 06APR20 (expiration date) as proof of purchase. He shares, "After this episode, I have successfully gone back to the same store once and got my usual pack of Gardenia bread, without the line, without the waiting, and with all the freshness."

This story originally appeared on Yummy.phMinor edits have been made by the editors.

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