WATCH: Can This Expert Tell Craft Coffee from the Canned Kind?

We're playing a game with award-winning barista Jonathan Choi of Magnum Opus and Exchange Alley.
IMAGE Zelda Carreon / Elaine Villanueva

Craft coffee is something special. "Craft" is a term we attach to everyday things we consume that somehow get an upgrade either through the the base ingredient, the technique, or the entire journey it went through to become whatever final product you're holding. Craft cookies. Craft donuts. Craft coffee. 

But is it all just talk? We tested it out on coffee expert and award-winning barista Jonathan Choi. The former cubicle dweller and now owner of Magnum Opus (one of the first third-wave coffee shops in the Philippines) and Exchange Alley Coffee House has a range of caffeine experience, from cups by international chains to instant packs from convenience store to easy cans available for a quick jolt. 

In this blind taste test, Jonathan ranks his worst to best in order of drinkability and amidst the contenders, his very own freshly pulled Americano—just to see if he can really taste the difference. His "least drinkable" cup may shock you.

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