You Have One Last Chance to Grab a Bite of This Game of Thrones Dinner

Pigeon Pie from King Joffrey’s wedding and Sansa Stark’s favorite Lemon Cake are on the menu.

Plato.PH is no stranger to fancy dinners. The on-demand dining platform—the self-described “AirBnB” for restaurants—put together an April Fool’s gathering earlier this year and followed it up with a Star Wars mixer to celebrate May The Fourth. This month, the creative minds behind the dining startup cooked up (*wink wink*) an event to celebrate everybody’s favorite fantasy TV series, Game of Thrones.

Once again teaming up with AJ Reyes, the pierced-and-tatooed chef behind the previously mentioned themed dinners, Plato.PH timed A Feast of Ice and Fire to coincide with the seventh season premiere of the epic swords-and-dragons phenomenon. And a feast it literally was.

Instead of individual tables and chairs, one long table dominated the main dining area of Privatus, the private dining space in Pasig City owned by Chef AJ. (There was a smaller but no less impressive setup off to one side). Glass goblets and wooden plates were used, in keeping with the rustic, medieval fantasy concept. Homemade bread and hummus (chickpea paste) were served as starters.


I sat beside and chatted with Plato.PH founder and CFO Laurence Espiritu and CEO Martti Uy, both of whom are avowed fans of HBO’s take on G.R.R. Martin’s masterpiece. While they caught me up on the series (I’m a bit behind), the dishes arrived one by one.

Chef AJ, who is constantly trying to find ways to challenge his own skills, said he conducted thorough research on the show and based the food off of actual dishes and recipes from the books and series. He divided the dishes based on what the fictional citizens of a particular region or kingdom would have typically eaten.

From Dorne, there was Duck with Lemon, Stuffed Grape Leaves and Flat Bread with Chickpea Paste (a.k.a. hummus). From Winterfell, the menu said there was Trout Wrapped in Bacon, although Chef AJ said that, due to the difficulty of finding actual trout, he replaced it with another local oily fish, tangigue. I didn’t mind as the fish more than held its own against all the other proteins on the table. There was also Onions in Gravy, Buttered Beets, and Baked Apple for dessert.

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“And we have a roast beef, something that I think is appropriate in Winterfell,” said Chef AJ. Sliced tableside, the beef was moist and tender, and should appeal to hardcore carnivores, whether they reside in Winterfell or not.

The capital of Westeros and the Seven Kingdoms, King’s Landing, was represented by Sweetcorn Fritters and Sister’s Stew, which is basically a clam chowder served in a bread bowl. Chef AJ served it himself piping hot. It went well with the variety of breads.


There was also a Sansa Salad (greens) and a Pigeon Pie just like the one served during King Joffrey’s wedding. Chef AJ said the pie was baked using actual pigeon sourced from Arranque market. If you’re curious about the taste, the meat itself was tender and flavorful, almost like a slightly tougher chicken, while the crust was flaky and buttery.

No Game of Thrones-themed dinner would be complete without a severed head, and that evening, it was fulfilled by a very red and very appetizing cochinillo. Without a doubt, the roast piglet was the crowning achievement in what was already a banquet fit for any royal of the Seven Kingdoms. The skin was wafer thin and crispy, and the meat was fall-off-the-bone, melt-in-your-mouth perfection.

There was also a Lemon Cake that any GoT fan would recognize as Sansa Stark’s favorite, plus a selection of smaller sweets.


The meal itself was reason enough to book a place at the dinner, but Plato.PH added to the festivities by sending out invites to characters from the show. Arya Stark, Ygritte, and a Night King (or cosplayers dressed like them) obliged. They mingled with the crowd and posed for photos. There was also a short trivia game, where the biggest of fans got to take home cool prizes for answering questions like, “What was the name of Tommen’s cat?” and “How many fighting men did Lyanna Mormont offer Jon Snow?’”

If you want to up your Game of Thrones fan cred and spending hours at home watching and rewatching episodes just isn’t cutting it anymore, or you just love good food and good company (even if it’s a murderous White Walker), there’s a seat at the table with your name on it at this dinner.


A Feast of Ice and Fire, a Game of Thrones-themed dinner by Plato.Ph and Chef AJ Reyes, will have one more edition this Saturday, July 29, at Privatus Dining, F. Legaspi Street, Pasig City. It's P1,950 per person. For inquiries and reservations, contact Jio 0917-580=5883 or visit

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