You Can Now Get Zubuchon Lechon at 7-Eleven


Earlier this week, Zubuchon posted a teaser on its Facebook page that selected 7-Eleven stores will start carrying its famous Zubuchon Boneless Lechon soon. We asked the marketing department of Philippine Seven Corporation for some more details and here’s what we found out. 

Zubuchon’s Boneless Lechon is neatly packed in ready-to-heat 250-gram packages and is priced at P349.00. It was initially launched in 116 of its stores in Luzon (NCR, Batangas, Pampanga, Laguna) last August 11. Convenience store giant 7-Eleven wanted to introduce this product to address customers’ cravings for restaurant-quality food in convenience stores during pandemic.

Photo by Facebook / Zubuchon.

Zubuchon is well-known for having been the Cebu-based lechon that the late food and culture writer and host Anthony Bourdain once proclaimed to be “the best pig ever…” Zubuchon is a portmanteau of the words Zubu and lechon. The name Zubu was Cebu’s name found in some old Spanish historical maps.


The company says it raises its pigs from backyard raisers all over the province, and that they are fed with 100 percent organic feeds a week before they are cooked to totally cleanse the pigs’ innards.

Photo by Facebook / Zubuchon.

Zubuchon lechon is stuffed with more than a dozen herbs and spices. Another technique they use to give their products a distinct flavor and crispy texture is that the pig’s skin is “acupunctured” or pricked all over, then sprayed with fresh coconut water, which helps in give the dish a nice brown tone when the skin is roasted. The brand also prides itself in ensuring that no MSG nor soy sauce is used in the cooking and roasting process. The pig itself is roasted over charcoal, using traditional bamboo poles.

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