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Now That You're An Elite Home Chef*, Your Kitchen Deserves An Upgrade

*Okay, "elite" may be a stretch, but upgrade your kitchen anyway.

Now That You're An Elite Home Chef*, Your Kitchen Deserves An Upgrade

For everything we've had to suffer through over the past six months, there's at least one good thing that's come from quarantine: We're all relearning how to cook for ourselves. Some of us may even be learning for the first time.

Now that it isn't quite as convenient to go out on a whim to fetch a meal from a restaurant, we've all taken to the kitchen again. We see you, watching Chef Show on Netflix and doing your best Roy Choi impression later that week. Or maybe you've tried your hand at any of the food trends that have come and gone in the quarantine era: sushi bake, anyone?

Whichever the case, know that you aren't alone, and that we're all spending more time in the kitchen. Hopefully, that also means we're getting better at cooking good meals at home. And if you've developed a taste for cooking, you should definitely consider giving your kitchen the upgrades it deserves. These will spell the difference between amateur bacon fry cook and elite home chef:

Get yourself a proper chef's knife.

If you had not previously been much of a cook, chances are your kitchen knife is a cheap, decade-old thing from the supermarket. But because you need to use your knife so often, it's worth investing in something good—something sharp enough to help you prepare advanced cuts of meat, and something durable enough to last a long time. Get a proper eight-inch chef's knife. It's not only faster and more precise—it's also safer.

Cop a cast iron skillet that will last forever.

Like a chef's knife, the pan is something you use every day, so quality matters. A cast iron skillet is a worthy investment because it lasts basically forever, it heats more evenly, and it allows you to go from stovetop to oven without thinking twice. A well-oiled skillet is naturally non-stick, too.

Have a spice rack.

If you're new to the kitchen, it's likely that your pantry isn't very organized. Try to maximize the space in your pantry cabinets by  sorting everything properly. Part of this is having a spice rack, which lets you efficiently store different kinds of spices. It makes it easier to think and cook on the fly, in case you want to get creative with your spices.

Upgrade your coffee routine.

If you're working with a regular old drip coffee machine, maybe try upgrading to a French press, so you won't have to rely on coffee filters. (It goes a long way towards sustainability!) If you've already been on the French press, though, you can consider other methods: pour-over or AeroPress, for example. You'll be amazed at how much better your coffee can taste when you take an active role in improving it.

Invest in bar tools.

Most good chefs appreciate a good drink after preparing and enjoying an excellent dinner. Learn how to make a cocktail—even simple ones like the Old Fashioned or the Negroni—and then learn to make them even better by invest in tools like a shaker, a jigger, and cocktail strainers.

Ditch single-use plastic containers.

All that time you're spending in the kitchen might also be a great way to minimize your carbon footprint by ditching all the single-use plastic. Plastic can be unavoidable, sometimes, so when it isn't, take that opportunity. Good thing NutriAsia lets you refill your own bottles now. Just fill out the online order form, then bring your own containers to the NutriAsia Bring Your Own Bote store in Bonifacio Global City. There, your bottle will be UV-sterilized before getting topped up with Datu Puti and Golden Fiesta. (Strict control measures are in place to keep this whole process clean and safe.) This helps you minimize the plastic you use when you buy soy sauce, vinegar, and cooking oil.

Each of these are steps towards a better, more efficient, more sustainable kitchen. So if you aren't an elite home chef quite yet, work on these and the stage will be set. All that's left is the actual cooking.

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This article was created by Summit StoryLabs in partnership with NutriAsia.
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