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Hosting a Party? Order From These Restaurants to Impress Your Guests

Esquire Essentials on GrabFood: for casual hangouts, date nights, and more!

Hosting a Party? Order From These Restaurants to Impress Your Guests

Many things have changed in the last three years. Among these is how people celebrate. Now, more people are open to the idea of hosting house parties — be it casual hangouts with close friends, celebratory dinners with workmates, mini-reunions with the family, or intimate dinners and drinks with a date. The challenge with this is coming up with a menu to suit the occasion and impress guests.

GrabFood is here to help! For a stellar menu that will impress guests, you can choose from the food delivery app’s carefully curated list of premium restaurants that offer delivery. Select restaurants also give you the option for Self Pick-Up or Scan to Order on the app.

1| Discovery Suites - 22 Prime

The flagship restaurant of Discovery Suites Manila, multi-awarded 22 Prime is widely recognized for its premium USDA steaks. On GrabFood, you can find select mains, soups, and salads from this restaurant’s original menu. Order here and give your guests a five-star hotel-like feast.

Esquire Essential:

  • Chicken Wings with Salted Egg Sauce

2| Dr. Wine

Dr. Wine’s over 300 wine labels and fancy French fare will impress even the toughest guests. On GrabFood, you can order from a curated list of select wines, charcuterie boards, and French dishes and desserts from Dr. Wine’s delivery menu.

Esquire Essential:

  • The Doctor’s Platter

3| Farmer's Table

Who can refuse food made with fresh, crisp ingredients? Wow your guests with a mix of local and international comfort food recipes cooked fresh from this farm-to-table concept restaurant.

Esquire Essentials:

  • Smoked Tinapa Cream Croquetas
  • Kare-kare sa Buntot

4| Gino's Brick Oven Pizza

If you’re looking for mouthwatering pizza for your house party, check out Gino's Brick Oven on GrabFood. Try its famous pizzas — touted by a travel authority as among the best in the world — with the original spicy honey for an extra kick!

Esquire Essentials:

  • Four Cheese Pizza
  • Original Spicy Honey

5| Greyhound Cafe

Let your guests try something new by ordering from this cafe. With its “modern Thai food with a twist” concept, Greyhound Cafe offers a fresh take on traditional Thai dishes, street food, and beverages.

Esquire Essentials:

  • Seafood Poh-Tak Soup
  • Phad Thai with Fresh Shrimp

6| Il Fornaio Da Gianni Ristorante Pizzeria

For an afternoon party featuring Italian cuisine, check out this pizzeria on GrabFood. Along with pizza, this Italian restaurant also offers sides, sandwiches, salads, soups, pasta, rice dishes, and desserts.

Esquire Essentials:

  • Vongole Pasta
  • Burrata Pizza

7| Ippudo

On cold days, ramen sounds like a great choice to indulge in with friends. Ippudo has a selection of classic and special ramen, as well as popular sides like gyoza, sushi, and pork buns.

Esquire Essential:

  • Special Ramen

8| Jasmine

For a luxurious Cantonese spread, turn to New World Makati Hotel’s Jasmine. It offers classic Chinese dishes but is best known for its signature array of sumptuous dim sum.

Esquire Essentials:

  • Ham Sui Kok
  • Siu Mai
  • Har Gao

9| Kimpura

Makati’s Kimpura offers the full traditional Japanese dining experience. Now, you can offer this unique experience to your guests by ordering its popular dishes on GrabFood.

Esquire Essential:

  • Manager’s Choice set

10| Lampara

If your date is craving Filipino food but wants something other than the usual, check out Lampara. It offers elevated Filipino dishes and popular favorites with a twist! Cocktails are even available in bottled form on GrabFood.

Esquire Essentials:

  • Kulma Main Dish
  • Gayuma Cocktail

11| Las Flores

Las Flores’s Spanish menu ranges from classic dishes like the Paella Negra to contemporary dishes with a Spanish twist like the Mini Hamburguesas.

Esquire Essentials:

  • Burrata Salad
  • Mushroom Paella

12| Little Flour Cafe

If you’re planning a brunch or you just have a thing for brunch food, meet Wildflour’s little sister, Little Flour Cafe. This all-day brunch restaurant offers Wildflour’s best-selling meals, pastries, wines, coffee, and desserts, as well as a selection of Filipino brunch favorites.

Esquire Essential:

  • Adobo Fried Rice

13| Lugang Cafe

The upscale Lugang Cafe offers luxurious Taiwanese cuisine, like roast duck and steamed fresh clams. Consider ordering from its menu on GrabFood if you want to give your loved ones a meal to remember.

Esquire Essentials:

  • Roasted Duck
  • Steamed Pork Xiao Long Bao

14| M Bakery

There’s always room for dessert! Your guests will love the treats from this New York-born bakery. Its menu offers a taste of classic Americana — from banana pudding to Southern American cakes.

Esquire Essential:

  • Classic Banana Pudding

15| Rogue Doughnuts

Ever tried sourdough doughnuts? Rogue offers artisanal coffee and sourdough doughnuts. Try them out and give your workmates a special, sweet treat when they come over.

Esquire Essential:

  • Mango Sansrival Doughnut

Create impressive party menus for your get-togethers with the help of GrabFood! Keep your eyes peeled for the third part of this curated list of premium restaurants and food picks from your go-to food delivery app.

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This article was created by Summit StoryLabs in partnership with GRABFOOD.
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