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These Authentic Hong Kong Snacks Make Great Chinese New Year Gifts

Get creative with a classic Hong Kong favorite.

These Authentic Hong Kong Snacks Make Great Chinese New Year Gifts

In the Philippines, Chinese New Year is about as important as the first of January. The occasion is celebrated across the country by all kinds of Filipinos, not just by those of Chinese heritage. And as part of the festivities, it has also become customary to give out Chinese New Year gifts to friends and family, as an expression of warmth and a sincere wish for auspiciousness and good luck.

Traditional Chinese New Year gifts include nian gao or tikoy, fruits or ang pao (red envelopes with cash inside). But  it’s also become quite popular to give out pastries and sweets to loved ones, friends, and colleagues. Of course, the more authentically Chinese your gifts are, the better.

Which is why Hong Kong MX makes for a great Chinese New Year gift. Its selection of pastries and sweet treats, which are made in Hong Kong and imported to the Philippines, can appeal to loved ones, friends, and colleagues.

Here’s what Hong Kong MX has in store for Chinese New Year 2021:

Hearty Pastry Gift Box (P950)

Now in newly designed packaging, the Hearty Pastry Gift Box is one of Hong Kong MX’s most popular products. Crafted using high-quality butter and a unique double baking technique, the Hearty Butter Pastries come with an exquisitely crispy caramel crust. The box of 22 pastries contains four flavors: Original (six pieces), Maple (five pieces), Hazelnut (five pieces), and the newest, Coconut (six pieces), which has a deliciously coconut aroma that complements the butter crisp flavor.

Mille-Feuille Gift Box (P950)

Hong Kong MX’s Mille-Feuille is made of 192 layers of hand-crafted puff pastry and a bed of sweet almonds. This Mille-Feuille has a uniquely satisfying taste, which is why it's been a bestseller. It also comes in an elegant gift box of 18 pieces of different flavors, including Almond (10 pieces), Hazelnut (four pieces), and Chocolate (four pieces).

"Fat Choy” Pastries Gift Box (P750)

Designed around a mahjong “Fat Choy” theme, this gift box contains Hearty Butter Pastries and Butter Cookies. The box is in a luxurious rose gold color, which is appropriate for Chinese New Year. The 18-piece “Fat Choy” Pastries Gift Box includes Hearty Butter Pastries Original (eight pieces), and Butter Cookies (10 pieces).

Eggrolls Gift Box (P900)

MX Hongkong is also offering its award-winning flagship product, the Eggrolls Gift Box. This particular pastry is well-known for using only five ingredients: French butter, fresh eggs, fine flour, sugar, and water. No preservatives, no flavorings, no coloring, no margarine, and no shortening. Because it's so well-made, the product won a gold medal at the annual Monde Selection Quality Awards. It’s also packaged in classic tin containing 32 pieces—a perfect gift for any occasion.

Lucky Gold Gift Set (P1,450)

This set includes two pieces of the Fat Choy Gift Set, both in an auspicious gift box, with text that literally means "To get rich."

In addition to special Chinese New Year gift boxes, Hongkong MX now also offers Snack Packs that are ideal for personal snacking, as well as for sharing with friends, family and workmates. The Snack Packs contain no margarine, no sortening, no coloring, and no preservatives; and are made with 100 percent pure New Zealand butter. They are available in different variants: Original Mille Feuille, Chocolate Mille Feuille, Hearty Maple Pastry, Hearty Original Pastry, and Butter Cookies; as well as the following new flavors: MX Hearty Butter Pastry (Coconut, six pieces), MX Orange Cookie (eight pieces), MX Almond Mille-feuille (Lemon, six pieces), MX Brown Sugar Toffee Cookie (eight pieces), and MX Hazelnut Cookie (eight pieces).

Hong Kong MX hampers with prices ranging from P1,250 to P 3,000 are also available for purchase in stores and via the official website.

Double Down Import and Export Inc., the official distributor of Hongkong MX in the Philippines, is offering a special Chinese New Year promotion for the products: get free delivery to a maximum of two locations or a minimum order of P4,000; free delivery to a maximum of 4 locations for a minimum purchase of P6,000; free delivery to a maximum of seven locations for a minimum purchase of P8,000; and free delivery to a maximum of 10 locations for a minimum purchase of P10,000, all when you order from the company’s official website, Facebook page or Instagram.

You can also order Hong Kong MX products via Shopee, LazMall, Grabmart (Hong Kong MX), Metro-Mart (Hong Kong MX-Caloocan), Pickaroo (Hong Kong MX) and via its physical store at the SM Mall of Asia Hong Kong MX Booth (Ground Floor, Level 1, Main Mall), Eastwood Mall Hong Kong MX Booth (Ground Floor, Main Mall) and New Port Mall, Hong Kong MX Booth (Second Floor, Main Mall).

Hong Kong MX Products are now also available in select The Marketplace and Robinsons Supermarket branches, see store list on the Facebook Page.

This article is sponsored by HONG KONG MX.
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