Your Cat Is Likely to Devour You When You Die

But don't worry, your cat loves you.

A couple of years ago, a video of a dog went viral: It shows a dog grieving at the death of its owner. The pooch was seen crying at the grave of its old master:

Somehow, 40,000 years of domestication have made dogs instinctively affectionate toward humans, even after the death of the latter.

Unfortunately, there are no videos of cats grieving over the death of their masters. But there are plenty of videos that show cats behaving like jerks. In fact, instead of grieving, cats are likely to find your corpse a feast. Apparently, 9,200 years of feline domestication is not enough.

A new study revealed that cats are likely to eat you when you die alone with them.

In a study published in the Journal of Forensic Sciences, scientists at the Colorado Mesa University studied what happens to human flesh at various stages of decomposition. In a two-acre grounds in their facility, they recorded how cats would behave when left with several corpses.


What happened: two cats feasted on the same body for 35 nights.

The chilling observation provides insight into what natural things happen to the body when left out in the open, which is always useful to police.

Despite the presence of 40 other cadavers in the observation area, the two cats regularly returned to the same one and fed on the soft parts of body (chest, shoulders, abdomen, arms, fingers).

But don’t worry, your cat loves you.

According to one research, cats are just as loyal to their owners as dogs are.

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