The Funniest Tweets From Mayor Vico Sotto

Vico Sotto is undeniably his father’s son if we’re going to look at his humor.

Mayor Vico Sotto is well loved by many people because of his practical approach to governance. But once in a while, he allows his humorous side to show in his Twitter posts, revealing that you don’t need to be so serious while doing an excellent job as a government official.

In the following tweets, Sotto’s self-referential humor and comedic quips show what’s going on in his mind while he’s busy running a government.



When Vico Sotto Thought His Mother’s Last Name was ‘Camera’

Because of Coney Reyes on Camera

When Vico Sotto Woke Up From a Dream of Going to the Gym


When Vico Sotto Casually Talks to Kids

When Vico Sotto Kept Receiving Love Emojis

When Someone Complimented Vico Sotto’s Style


When Vico Sotto's Family Sang Him a Ridiculous Birthday Song


When Vico Sotto Brushed Off Rumors that He Suddenly Became Prim and Proper


When Vico Sotto Fell in Love with a Dog

When Vico Sotto Had No Birthday Gift for His Papa


Vico Sotto on Truck that Caused Traffic



When Vico Sotto Recited Nursery Rhymes


When Vico Sotto Regularized a City Hall Employee


When Vico Sotto Woke up Late


When Vico Sotto Kept Failing at Selfies with Children


When Government Suspended Work and Classes, and Vico Sotto Enjoyed It


When Vico Sotto Poked Fun at His Own Face in This Candid Photo



When Vico Sotto Called a Baby Fat



When Vico Sotto Started a Bromance with Valenzuela Mayor Rex Gatchalian



When Vico Sotto Couldn’t Help Himself During the CPR Training Session

"Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin alive! Stayin alive!"




When Vico Sotto Posted a Meme About Class Suspensions Because Students Kept Bugging Him


And finally, here's a bonus video of Vico Sotto showing off his dribbling skills. 

When Vico Sotto Showed Off Dribbling Skills

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