Beyond Muscle: Why You Should Develop Other Kinds of Strength

Be more than just physically strong.

Beyond Muscle: Why You Should Develop Other Kinds of Strength

Men do all sorts of things to get stronger. We hit the gym regularly, guzzle protein shakes, and eat a lot to feed our muscles. In doing so, however, a lot of us forget to develop our other strengths—strengths that are arguably more important than our ability to bench 300 pounds.

If we want to be the best we can be, we need to make sure we’re strong where it matters. Here are some of the other strengths every man should consider developing:

Strength in resolve

Self-discipline is an oft-overlooked skill when you’re older, as most lessons about it seem geared toward kids. Just like any muscle, however, our resolve gets stronger the more we exercise it. And it helps to have this trait in order to achieve your personal financial goals. That plan needs to be executed with discipline for it to succeed.

Since we aren’t kindergarteners being handed marshmallows anymore, we need to get more creative about how we develop it. One of the easiest ways to start is by making a list of your biggest temptations and then challenging yourself to go without one of them each week. Once you’ve gone through the entire list, try going for two weeks, then three, and so forth.

Strength in presence

Public speaking is inevitable, whether it be in a presentation at work, your best mans speech at your best friend’s wedding, or an open mic performance at a bar. You want to make sure that when you do have to speak to an audience, everybody listens.

Some people take full courses in public speaking, but here are a few tips to get you started on improving your skills:

1. Read how the audience is reacting to your words and adjust accordingly.

2. If there’s a spotlight on you, make sure you can feel it on your face.

3. Start with something your audience can relate to.

4. Give them at least one reason to laugh.

5. Emphasize points using body language and the volume of your voice.

Strength of conviction

Few things fulfill a man as much as having something to believe in. Principles, after all, define our lifestyles, and the ability to stand up for them gives us a sense of purpose.

Determine what causes you believe in—animal rights, the environment, gender equality, etc.—and then volunteer for organizations that actively support them. Actually being on the ground and fighting the good fight will do wonders for your self-improvement.

Strength of character

We’re all guilty of living in bubbles, and that runs the risk of us developing skewed views on life. If we want to become more well-rounded individuals, we need to constantly expose ourselves to different people, cultures, and experiences.

In this regard, travel and conversation do well to build up our character. Stretching beyond our usual circles helps us develop empathy for people we don’t usually interact with, which in turn gives us a more welcoming worldview.

Strength of hair

It might seem a little superficial at first glance, but our hair is such an underestimated part of our identities. There’s a reason, after all, that we refer to it as our “crowning glory.” But as we get older, our hair tends to get more fragile—and with it, a sense of confidence in who we are.

While the solution might seem as simple as “use better hair products,” there’s actually much more to consider. According to research, men’s hair is more prone to certain risks than women’s, meaning problems like hair fall and dandruff might not be solved by just any shampoo.

That’s why Dove Men + Care shampoo plays an important role in promoting hair strength: It’s formulated with men’s specific needs in mind. If you want stronger, more resilient hair, it's best to go with a product made to directly address your needs.

Remember, real strength isn’t just about the muscles you can flex. It’s about making yourself a better person inside and out, and it can start with something as simple as the hair that rests on your head.

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This article was created by Summit StoryLabs in partnership with DOVE MEN.
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