Finally, a Yoga Class That Lets You Drink Beer

Finally, some decent motivation.
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It feels rather like a ruse: a yoga class that lets you drink beer, but there are apparently many, many benefits to a bottle of ale. According to an article on Men's Health, moderate amounts of beer can reduce the risk of heart disease, boost creativity, prevent Type 2 diabetes, and even aid you in recovering from a workout. 

And so we welcome this soon-to-be exercise sensation that began at a studio called BierYoga in Germany (obviously). "BierYoga is supposed to be fun, yet it is not a joke. We combine the philosophy of yoga with the joy of the drinking of beer." 

Targeted to "beer drinkers with a desire for yoga and yogis with a desire for beer," each person in the class consumes around two bottles. The bottles are also integrated in various yoga positions to help improve balance and flexibility. 

According to Mashable, this is not the first time alcohol was used to enlighten the mind during exercise. Currently, BierYoga is going country to country promoting their practice.

This is definitely multi-tasking at its finest. 

For more information, visit BierYoga.

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