First Birth Control For Men, An Injection to the Groin, Will Be Available Soon


The use of contraceptives has been largely associated with women, but birth control for men might soon be available for use after Indian scientists announced that they have successfully completed clinical trials on the world’s first male birth control injection.

The Indian Council for Medical Research said that the “product is ready,” and has a 97.3% success rate with no side effects, according to a report from the Hindustan Times.

The contraceptive works via an injection to the vas deferens, the sperm-containing tube near the testicles. It contains a polymer called Steryene Maleic Anhydride, which was developed in the 1970s to inhibit sperm production. According to the report, the contraceptive will be effective for 13 years.

VG Somani, the Drug Controller General of India, estimates approval of the drug to take around six months, minimum.

“It’s the first in the world from India so we have to be extra careful about approval. We are looking at all aspects, especially the good manufacturing practice (GMP) certification that won’t raise any questions about its quality,” Somani told the Hindustan Times.

He added, “It will still take about six to seven months for all the approvals to be granted before the product can be manufactured.”

If approved, the injection will be the first birth control for men that will be available to consumers, but it will be marketed as an alternative or replacement to surgical vasectomy. The scientists believe that the injection will appeal to more men as it is less invasive compared to vasectomy.


According to The Independent, the rate of development of male contraceptives has increased in recent years. Researchers in the United States have been working on a similar contraceptive but it is still far from completion. In the United Kingdom, eighty British men took part in a trial in January 2019 where they will be testing a contraceptive gel that reduces sperm count to zero for a whole year.

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