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How to Boost Metabolism for Men Above 30

These science-backed hacks will boost your metabolism quickly.
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Metabolism refers to the millions of chemical reactions in the body. It is commonly interchanged with metabolic rate, which refers to the amount of calories that the body burns at a given time. As men hit their 30s, their metabolic rate slows down, which may result in increased weight.

Here are 10 simple scientific hacks you can do to increase your metabolism.

1| Avoid Sitting Too Much.

Sitting too much can kill you. Not only does it lower your metabolic rate, it also leads to obesity. Office goers are prone to this heath risk because of the sedentary lifestyle. If you work in an office where you do a lot of sitting, take advantage of your break time to stand, walk around, stretch, and limber up.

2| Drink Green Tea.

Green tea- or matcha-flavored beverages do not count. Take some real green tea leaves and soak them in hot water and drink. Studies show that drinking green tea can increase metabolism by as much as five percent.

3| Eat Less, Sleep More.

In your 30s, you'll find that your midsection accumulates more volume as your metabolism slows down. One effective way to stave off further incursion of fat into your belly is to cut down on calories and sleep more. This reprograms your body’s metabolism. If you can get at least eight hours of sleep at night, then get it. You can also cut down on rice and sugar.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends that you should get a good night’s sleep, but must avoid sleeping in. Sleeping in significantly slows down metabolism, so make sure that you only have enough hours (seven to nine hours) of sleep every day.


4| Drink a Glass of Water in the Morning.

Instead of having coffee, consider taking a full glass of water first thing when you wake up in the morning. Water is a key component in the body’s metabolism. When you sleep, the body makes use of the water and oxygen molecules in your body to burn fat. When you are dehydrated, your body automatically slows down its metabolic rate to preserve your body’s supply of water.

You can also keep drinking water throughout the day to ensure that you are fully hydrated. This keeps your metabolic rate high, and gives your kidneys and liver a much-needed rest from processing mixed and sugary drinks.

5| Drink black coffee.

Black coffee has similar effects as green tea. Studies show that consuming caffeine has a positive effect on the increase in metabolic rate. However, there’s a caveat: It is 19 percent more effective in lean people than obese people. Caffeine helps increase metabolism by 10 percent for people who are obese, and 29 percent for people who are lean.

6| Use Coconut Oil as Your Cooking Oil.

Reputable studies show that coconut oil has positive effects on the increase in a person’s metabolic rates, compared with other alternatives such as canola oil or butter. According to these studies, medium-chain fats like coconut oil increase metabolism by 12 percent, compared with other types of fat like butter, which increase it by 4 percent.

7| Lift Heavy Things.

Lifting heavy things is one of the fastest ways to perk up your metabolic rate, because this tends to work the largest muscles of the body. Muscle, compared with fat, is metabolically active, which means that it still burns fat even though you are resting. You may gain muscle mass (and consequently, weight) when you lift, but you also lose triglycerides, the fat molecules that settle in your midsection. These are the hardest fats to get rid of.

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8| Eat More Chili.

It may sound unconventional, but it has been proven effective. Chili contains capsaicin, a substance that boosts metabolism. However, since not many people have the proper constitutions for spicy meals, some just take a sliced chili and drink with water, just like a pill.

9| Follow a Regular Routine.

This allows you to optimize your high-energy hours so you can activate your metabolism. Having a regular routine that involves exercise or intense workout during your high-energy hours optimizes your body’s metabolic rate, as opposed to having an irregular schedule (different sleeping and waking times, different eating times, etc.). You want to lose more weight at the easiest and most convenient time for your body, and a regular routine optimized for your body’s circadian rhythm addresses this issue.

10| Do Strength Training with Intense Cardio.

Many gym buffs will discourage you from doing cardio, but if you want to boost your metabolism, a healthy balance between strength training and cardio is in order. Physical fitness, after all, is about having strength, stamina, and flexibility. Intense cardio intervals interspersed between strength training significantly increases your body’s oxygen consumption and metabolic rate after workout for up to 24 hours.

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