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This Businessman Draws Animals While He Runs

We found a modern-day local crop circle artist who drew animals at the heart of BGC.

Whether just trying to stay fit or taking a more serious commitment to train for a marathon, it takes a lot of motivation to continuously do it on a regular basis. Despite this guy’s busy schedule as an executive for a famous luxury retail chain, he still allots time to a passion of his—running.

He runs marathons locally and internationally, but because of the pandemic, he has not been training as much. But he recently found a new way of keeping himself motivated to run by planning a route using his Strava app on his smartphone. Just like a modern-day crop circle artist, he digitally maps out animal figures running through the streets of BGC.

The result is pretty amazing.

Dinosaur run

Photo by Contributed photo.

Elephant run 

Photo by Contributed photo.

Dog run

Photo by Contributed photo.

Using the Strava app, he’s been able to virtually draw caricatures of animals by mapping out his running route with a GPS app and keeps a record of his performance by distance and time. He also looks forward to doing this because each run presents a new challenge. 

To avoid missing a turn, he visualizes his run with city landmarks and stores along the commercial district streets because one wrong turn will ruin the image. 

And it's not just animals he "draws."

Christmas tree run

Photo by Contributed photo.
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“If I miss a turn, then I cannot change it anymore. I just have to re-run the image again another day (laughs),” Mr. Crop Circle Guy tells Esquire Philippines (we cannot disclose his real identity for security reasons). “I usually run with friends to further keep me motivated. You can invite your readers to follow IG @bgcrunart to see all the images. They are quite fun to try.

“The main reason why I do this is because this motivates me to wake up early and go out for a run and it is quite exciting to see the results,” he adds. “It also pushes me to finish the image and go running longer, and lastly, seeing the results on Strava is like a reward to a good workout.”

Bull run

Photo by Contributed photo.

Hammerhead shark run

Photo by Contributed photo.

Camel run

Photo by Contributed photo.

With millions of athletes and fitness enthusiasts connected globally, Strava is considered the worlds’ largest route and trail resource, not just for running but also for other activities like cycling. Whether it’s a light jog or intense workout, apps like Strava can help people get motivated, plan routes, monitor vitals and performance and reach out to the running communities for tips and inspiration.

Runners can also be competitive by measuring their performance against their friends’ and benchmark their runs with their peers. This group groove mentality turns running into a social activity virtually and allows people to motivate themselves and others as well. It also allows them to discover new trails within their area or even outside their comfort zones. These apps normally have social media network connections that allows runners to share their activities and deep dive into performance data for those who want to go hardcore.


Last Valentine’s Day, Mr. Crop Circle Guy virtually drew a large heart with a Cupid’s arrow to celebrate the biggest beneficiary of his efforts—a healthy heart.

Heart with Cupid's arrow run

Photo by Contributed photo.

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